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Boo hoo crybaby


Before the trade he said the team and city owed him nothing.

big daddy

Yea ok enough of the Wallace betrayed stories! Im a fan of Wallace but he's traded and gone! Time to move on! Good grief! He's probably better off in Portland! They will see a title before th Bobcats ever will!


Sorry Gerald Wallace. That the business of sports.


Boo hoo crybaby are you kidding me this guy was here from the start he is the only player that put his heart and soul into this city and we give him away for NOTHING. The bobcats have givin up on this city. MJ you are driving another team into the ground way to go. YOu cant trade you best player and expect to win games. Hince the 6 game skid they are on. Why is charlotte sports always about the next year both panthers and bobcats have let me down in so many ways. Atleast i got my HEELS GO TARHEELS

John In 808

Amen Gerald! Once again Charlotte drops the ball. I guess you didn't have enough felony convictions and dui's for them to keep you. Silas didn't know? BS! No way a head coach doesn't know his best player is about to be traded! And what did we get in return? NOTHING! Best of luck Gerald, I hope Portland treats you like the class citizen and awesome player you are! I hope you score 100 against them tomorrow night!

James Rees

Gerald was screwed by MJ and so were the fans. The Bobcats have no commitment to winning and as such the fans should check out and put their money toward something else. I know I am.


Own a team. Then make tough decisions. Two 1st round picks for GW? Easy decision. One and done in the playoffs every year wont make true (not fare weather) fans happy. I hardly call the two picks we get 'nothing'. GW looked so lost in the allstar game last year...and he will never make it there again.


Quit cryin Gerald you weren't worth $10.5 mil a year. Lets hope Jack and Tyrus can play tomorrow night so the Bobcats can get a W


Wallace is everything you can expect out of a star player. He showed up to play every night, worked his tail off, played hurt, and never accepted losing but constantly strove to get better. Unfortunately Bobcats management hasn't shown the drastic improvement in putting together a winning team as Wallace did as a player. Trading Wallace is the price this franchise has to pay for years of poor drafts, poor trades and poor management and it sucks. He was by far my favorite player and I miss watching him play - win or lose. If Bobcats ownership and management doesn't make this trade/salary dump work and begin building a real winner in the next couple of years the next ones to be run out of town is going to be them.


Gerald, get over it. Owners and players stab each other in the back all the time. Do a reality check. You still have a job paying you a lot of money. I have more sympathy for the 100 Family Dollar employees who will be hitting the unemployment line soon.


It was great seeing you play last saturday vs. the cats in Portland! Yes I flew all the way across the country to see that game! Even though G Force didn't show up for that one you could tell that the cats simply respect your contribution! It was nice seeing you walk across that half court line and speak to all of your old teammates!

My heart is with the Cats but I will always cheer you on Crash! I'll be at the game Friday rooting for my Cats but I hope with all my heart that the fans in Charlotte stand up and give you the applause of the century. I was in Portland and heard what the fans did for Cunningham and Pryz... Charlotte better stand up and let you know how much we appreciated your effort! Now go get a Championship with your new squad!


Who freaking cares. He is still making milions. Think about all the people who lost there positions today that they loved and are looking for jobs paying less or counting the days till the $400 unemployment check arrives. Another look at me darling..


People. This is simple. I love G-Force. Charlotte loves him. So do the Bobcats. But the truth is, NBA landscape in the last 8 months has COMPLETELY changed. The East has become a powerhouse overnight. The East teams each year that will make the playoffs are Miami, Boston, Chicago, Orlando, ATL, NY. Philly has now emerged as deadly. Which leaves ONE spot each year. Thats what the Bobcats would get AT BEST year in, year out. Free agents are massing at desirable markets. Those small markets that are competitive is a result of the draft (OKC).

If the Bobcats want any chance to be competitive long term, they need to draft well. They've tried the free agent carousel with larry brown and it got us swept. Why should you settle for mediocrity? And we cant use the excuse that its a young franchise because fans dont have that patience since we've had a team here before. We had to get the most we could for GW or Jack and they got offered more for GW. Simple. This team, pre-trade, would be fighting for 8th each year with this East. Nuff said.

Randy Barber

The Bobcats are a victim of one screw up after another...awful draft picks, poor community relations. They started out trying to turn the Bobcats into a hip hop team and now are playing aerosmith and guns and roses. Sam Vincent (who hired him?), Ajinca, Larry Brown (who hired him?), the failed TV network. They had a shot at building a team and a fan base, but hired arrogant jerks and/or FoM in the front office who have been/are clueless. You can try to run down Crash's abilities and contributions, but, in a league where players really don't care, Gerald always has cared. Pro sports is a constant musical chairs. But a fan base wants a core of players to follow. Crash will go down as the most exciting pro basketball player with the biggest heart to play in Charlotte. Good luck my man.


Off beat and biting Tom as usual. How much have the Bobcats paid GW over his career? I enjoyed watching Wallace, but man that guy would dissapear for games at a time.


Objectively, I think we got the best haul for Crash that we could have hoped for. With that said, I hated to see him go. The Bobcats look lost on defense without him and lack the energy that he displayed night in and night out since we salvaged him off of the Kings' bench. Portland now goes 7 deep with talented, athletic wings and as much as I love the 'Cats, I hope the Blazers blow the doors off of the cable box tomorrow night.


This team, post-trade, still has the same guy in the front office who drafted Adam Morrison, Alexis Ajinca, and Kwame Brown in the first round. The same genius who managed to trade Emeka Okafor and Tyson Chandler and get absolutely nothing in return. The same owner who let Raymond Felton go in free agency for nothing. I understand this is a business. I get the argument that the Bobcats pre-trade were never going to be better than 7th or 8th in the Eastern Conference. What I don't get is this sudden confidence some of you have that the folks who run this team are going to be able to do anything with the first-round picks and cap space they got in exchange for 'donating' Wallace to Portland. I don't see mediocrity in Charlotte's future. I see a black hole of losing year after year after year...


The Bobcats got cap relief and future draft picks for a guy who play had decline and who gets hurt all of the time. If they were in 1st place in the East, they would have kept him. Fighting for the 8th playoff spot with him is not worth it. Wallace is with a winning club who can make the playoffs and he keeps whining?


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Let me get this straight. Wallace was an All-Star last year but this year he's on the decline? Tell that to the Miami Heat who Wallace just burned for 22 points and 9 rebounds in a Portland win on Tuesday.


Ya, well so go and curl up with your millions of dollars, your hookers and your champagne and call it a day. Actually, it's sad when you give your heart to a company and a person and they give it away. But you know it is just a business. Most players get traded from time to time.

chris in union county

I'm so sad I still can hardly talk about it :(


RETIRE BOBCATS #3. Hang it from the rafters to remember our first all-star. Our first co-captain to lead us to the playoffs. To remember our first expansion draft...To remember the most classy guy in the organization.


I'm losing respect for Gerald. These comments he is making shows that he is exactly the person I heard he was, selfish! So what he was here since the beginning. He saw how others have been treated by the organization, why did he think he was above that? Oh, I know why, because he was telling MJ everything and practically sitting on Charles Oakley on the bench. He needs to get a grip. He ain't the first "star" to be traded and won't be the last! So since he left he saying the men he played with at various times during his time here ain't shit? Let's see how long it takes him to start in Portland. Gerald, there is no "I" in team!

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