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man couch syd wuh da man but dang times done change when i payed at state i jus dribbld wit two hans and jut tryed to keep mine head in da game. i got mines thou.


Gregg Marshall or the Richmond Spiders coach would be great choices!


How about Bobby Lutz?


Benny Moss.


His name is spelled Sidney. Not that getting things right matters a whole lot to you, eh, Tom? I mean, you picked Wofford over BYU after all.


You can't even spell the guy's name right! Why should I trust your analysis of player rotations, let alone who they should hire next?


"Nothing he did indicated he was capable of competing in the ACC." I'm glad the Pack is making a change, but come on, the man took a 6-player squad to the ACC Championship game in his first year. He did a few things to indicate he was capable of competing in the ACC.

ncsu alum

his name is sidney and he KNEW the rivalries were important. you on the other hand seem to be an imbecile who just types. do you proofread? and why not do a little research re: coaches with ties to NCSU? sean miller currently at arizona for example. go back to stroking roy.


Hire some scum from the Northeast, with no ethics, that's willing to recruit illiterate thugs, and you'll be back on top in no time.


Tom is in over his head as a writer, please forgive him.


Steve Lavin would look nice on the Wolfpack sideline. He has the Johnnies back in the tourney!

ncsu alum

hey tom! quit posting as joe mamma; you are in over your head there too.


Joe Mamma, you are truly ignorant of ACC history. Go back and check ACC history from the 50's through the 80's and you will see that NC State was a consistent ACC champion, and even led the way in bringing top flight basketball to this conference. There is no reason that they should not return to this level with the right coach.

Sean May

what ever happened to jimmy v ? they should bring him back.

big daddy

Tom I dare you to write an article saying MJ is in over his head as well as being the owner of the Bobcats!!!!! I dare yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..............

ncsu alum

SEAN MAY! glad to see you can read! how is turkey these days?


Sean May -- are you serious or are you trying to make a sick point? Jimmy V died of cancer in 1992 - ever heard of the Jimmy V Foundation..

Sean May

oh wow, sorry i have been out of the game awhile.

they need someone with the passion of jimmy v, that was back when the game was great.


I liked Lowe - he just didn't get it done. In over his head? I don't think so... He has stepped up his recruiting but he needed that one guy who would take the program to another level - someone like Psycho T, Grant Hill, MJ or Hurley. All it takes is that one player or two - that Johnny Dawkins or Mark Price - to get a program over the hump. That guy might be on the team right now and we could see something like what happened to Matt D at UNC - where his players (once they got experienced and healthy) were in fact the right players to get UNC back on top. I like Roy - but I think Matt D could have won the title with his players too...


In reply to:DonDefore | March 15, 2011 at 03:27 PM who said...

"Hire some scum from the Northeast, with no ethics, that's willing to recruit illiterate thugs, and you'll be back on top in no time."

Well, you could be onto something. I mean, it worked in 1980, why not now?

James Reed

Tom, Sendek left of his own free will for a pay raise and a cush job at a school where no one cares about basketball. He had a job for life at State as long as Lee Fowlup was the A.D. Stop being lazy and parroting the party line of the national media. You live here and likely pay a little attention so tell it like it is instead of spewing nonsense.


Lowe the coach could not equate Lowe the standout basketball player. As much as I admired Lowe as a person, his basketball acumen was substandard. He got off to a very slow start in recruiting and only that last two years did his ability to recruit reach an acceptable level.
Lowe always talked about getting “HIS players” into HIS system. Well, this year, it was all of HIS players and in a year where the team was expected to regain respectability, was met with a dud. From the beginning of the year, State was void of leadership on the team. The fact that Javier Gonzales regressed and that Tracy Smith never regained the form that made his a second time ALL-ACC a year ago after his injury, is irrelevant. State, in my opinion still had enough perceived talent to be more than competent in the ACC.
From the outset, the team was fundamentally flawed, defensively and offensively and was mentally and physically challenged. In my opinion, the coaching staff was just as flawed as the players. Has Lowe ever heard of the words, “player development?” A coach is no better than the coaches that he surrounds himself with. The players that Lowe had, never really developed. Shockingly, Gonzales sophomore year was better than his senior year. Being a former point guard, one would think that Lowe would be able to develop point guards if nothing else.
Whereas, Lowe ran a good clean program and adhered to the academic standards imposed on his by the university, the bottom line is winning. He failed in his most important mission. That is why Lowe had to go.


nc state is as irrevelant as david thompson smoking crack again, same sht, different day..nc state was good a very, very long time ago, but like crackhead thompson they both are wash up living the glory days of what they use to be..

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