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Congrats. You wrote a speculative column that can never be proven wrong. How impressive.


Mind blown.


Have always enjoyed your articles, Tom...


yes I read it. In hopes it was your resignation you were posting.


Wow you really went out on a limb... They will draft him or they will act like they will draft him and not... Toot Toot..


Credibility is indeed important. And you have it. Keep up the good work.



What will really impress me is if you were right on the bet you made on slicked back hairstyles. Will it come into vogue? We've been waiting many years.


I have a prediction. The sun will either rise tomorrow, or it won't. There. And I'm credible. I've predicted the rising of the sun every day for the past 2 years. Bask in my immense sports knowledge and consider yourself lucky for the pleasure of reading my daily banalities.

big daddy

Toot your horn Tom Toot it!
tweet tweet tweet....................

Sean May

you are inCREDIBLE-y awful man.

Principal, whose wife is a dirty, dirty tramp

Mr. Sorensen, what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having read it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.


haha. ooookkkayyy. off to read the www.thecharlottejohn.com blog

James Burris

You wrote that Cam Newton was their pick or that they are bluffing so to trade down......

Isn't that obvious? Everyone knows that.

I would have more respect for your columns if you just took a stand on one or the other...or if you found some useful information on why Newton is or isn't the guy. Something no one else knows.

But those are just my thoughts...


It simply makes no sense for the Panthers to "want the rest of the NFL to think they will take Newton". They have the number one overall pick. Which means no one can jump them. To try to make the rest of the NFL think you're taking a player your not only benefits a team if they don't want to be jumped and are not interested in moving up to get the player you want or if you have a pick that you're interested in trading that isn't the top overall pick.


Gee! The Panthers have already acted like they're going to pick Newton (as have several teams), so you're already half right. If they pick him or don't pick him you'll be 100% right. In any event, you're 100% correct. How can anyone argue with someone who is 100% correct.


Why write this?? Do public self imposed pats on the back achieve anything other than looking pathetic? Perhaps you started drinking early on St. Patrick's Day.

Scott Sadler

You obviously started celebrating St Patricks Day early today.

Try writing your next article sober numbnuts.


Well congratulations. Now, can you stop patting yourself on the back long enough to report on the Blaine Gabbert Pro day. I know he isn't your favorite like Fig Newton is but according to people who were there he was outstanding. He made accurate throws looks good under center making his drops. At the combine he exceled at breaking down film on diferent defenses showing he has actual football knowledge. The kicker is that he looked good today even though he used unfamiliar recievers. Wasn't that Newton's excuse at the combine? This guy is a real QB not a pretend on like Newton but of course you don't report on him because you like alot of fans are enamored with Newton's celebrity. News flash celebrity doesn't win football games.

tim rohan

Wow Tom! You're an absolute genius!

How's that? Is that what you're looking for?



At least he's not Darin Gantt.


should have been a weather man


Gabbert has done a good job of persueding most people that he has the most talent, upside and coachability of any of the quarterback. But I still think Newton's talents are stunning -- http://bit.ly/TopDraftQBs -- he's the guy worth taking a chance on at #1

White Mamba

Either Tom is a douche or he writes like a douche to make us think he's one.

I am credible.


Why can't it be both White Mamba? Isn't that what a douche would do?


Gabbert can't carry Cam Newton's jock strap.

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