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Jack Meehoff

Are you actually getting paid to post this simple minded crap!?

White Mamba


I suppose your right, but it was a play on Mr. Sorenson's Cam Newton tautology


Whoppi doopi doo!


snug it up, tom


I think the point is that he was mis-quoted on ESPN - they took it as "Panthers will draft Cam Newton"

everyone here needs to calm the f down

Dug E Fresh

Hey Brown, Cam Newton is going to be busy enough carrying 52 other jock straps. He should worry less about who is carrying his.

Don't waste a pick on a QB.


Tooting your own horn Tom? Whatever happened to writing about sports news, not trying to be the news? Is that what the observer has reduced you to? Maybe it's time to move on.


Why would the Panthers have to fool the rest of the NFL into thinking that they are taking Newton with the no. 1 pick? Whats to gain. They have nobody drafting ahead of them.

Out of town Panther fan

You're right Brown, Gabbert can't, or won't, carry Can Newton's jock strap, but Newton could carry Gabbert's jock strap because after a couple of years trying to play in the NFL that's all Newton will be able to do.

Alvin Tostiger

OK, so all you Tom bashers read the Observer for the spot on, high-quality investigative journalism that you crave????



I think you are a little overrated Tommy. Nice guy indeed.

Skeet Skeet

He did his job, he wrote and entertaining and thought provoking article. I appreciated it...

Zack Dean

!That just happened! lol

Now can you talk about how we should take the best most sure pick this year (LSU CB Peterson)! Come-on, defensive coach, one of the best ILB's in the league, Davis back healthy, Dline more experienced (good up-n-coming DE's) and 2 really good corners if we have peterson w/Gamble and Marshall in Nickle. Teams would be forced to run the ball on us. Just get one more decent ROLB (3rd rd) and they wouldn't be able to. All this and a good defense gets great in 2011.

I would also like you to bring attention to how Claussen had a hurt Running game/offense last year w/ Otah out, and D.williams/ S.Smith frequently unhealthy. Many times Jimmy was throwing to 2 rookie recievers a rookie RB and no TE. Who else had that weak of a supporting cast around them in the NFL (besides tampa)?

This year could be a completely different team with Otah, Davis, and Peterson starting.

What we REALLY need: another good WR, a cheap big-body run-stopper (like Kemo), and a decent ROLB (maybe 3rd rd).

But what we don't need is to waste a first round on an UNSURE THING - ie. Fairley, Dareus, and Cam, OR Gabbert for that matter. If we draft a QB it will be so ridiculous. All these QB's would have gotten picked last year after Claussen...Maybe we need to consider it wasn't ALL his fault last year FCOL. I loved his movement, and his presence last year, and kid has a nice arm...I think he has what it takes, just needs time. Not every rookie QB is setup to do good like Ryan & Flacco.

PLEASE everyone stop hyping up CAM, he could be great in the NFL...but we don't need a QB. It would be a waste for our T E A M!!!


YA YOU JUST DONT HAVE THE BALLS TO SAY ANDREW LUCK ISNT JOINING THE PANTHERS BECAUSE OF THE JERRY RICHARDSON PRESS CONFERENCE. that would award you street credit. Everyone new Fox was leaving this year. He announced it after the second game.

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