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Cool story, Hansel.


Who are the panthers drafting?


And I thought this was a piece about Ed Conroy and Tulane. I bet that slob is sorry now that he turned down UNC Wilmington.


This was a random thought which turned into a questionable usage of white paper.


you rite wit dat toms. i love me some new oleans wit pathion. get me some seefood up in day and engoy it wit some kechup. great peace agen toms. keep wit it. -S


I could write articles in my spare time and have more relevant, up to date information about sports in Charlotte than the Observer's writers. News about Charlotte sports teams is never broken by them. You will see it on ESPN, then on this website like 4 hours later. Get with the program people!


I'm really not a hater and I wish Tom all the best, but what the heck did this article have to do with anything? The Panthers draft pick? The Bobcats playoff chances? The ACC teams in the regionals? What gives? Stay relevant folks.


Obviously this blog is just Tom talking like the title says. It's too bad he has nothing good (or even relevant) to say.


Whats up Tommy? Jab Back!

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