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Nosebleed fan

The next sentence should have read:

"With the 33rd pick in the draft, the Panthers select App State QB Armanti Edwards." - making Edwards a higher draft choice than Jimmy Clausen.


Thank you for giving us what we want and not favorite bars.


Colin Kaepernick is Cam Newton, without any red flags.

He's smarter (a 37 Wonderlic score to Newton's 21), faster (a 4.53-40 to Newton's 4.59-40), has a stronger arm (59 MPH to Newton's 56 MPH), and has more FCS starting experience (all 4 years to Newton's 1).

At Kaepernick's Pro Day yesterday he went 36 of 38 (Newton 50 of 60, also reported as 54 of 65).


If you want to know who the Panthers are picking...

ask Bojangles who they will be putting in their commercials next year.


If Tom Sorensen is predicting QB Cam Newton to be selected # 1 by us, then it will probably be QB Blaine Gabbert that we select. Nuff said.


i kinda gree wit you toms. but dang whathisface mite go to they other pic bu only times will tel toms.


As much credit as I've given you before, Tom, I'm going to disagree with you here (unless, of course, you have some inside info). Ron Rivera can't afford to pick a QB with the #1 pick with 2 young QBs in the fold already. You, the sportswriters, would never let him live it down if he drafted Newton and he was a bust for that very reason. If I'm Hurney/Rivera, and I can't trade down for a 2nd rounder, I draft a Defensive Tackle (probably Darius, maybe Fairley) or AJ Green. There are too many other options via Free Agency to pick up a veteran QB to mentor Clausen/Pike. Maybe trade Steve Smith and a 3rd rounder for Kolb? Either way, there are too many holes to draft another QB. Also, "DaMan" makes a great point about Colin Kaepernick, whom we could probably pick up in the 3rd round or so. The point is, Cam is too risky of a pick for Rivera's first. Too much reputation and credibility at stake. No one will fault him if he builds a monster D through the draft and fills offensive holes through free agency. The same cannot be said if he drafts a QB....

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