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"Duke's Mike Krzyzewski and North Carolina's Roy Williams are among the best in their sport.

But if there's evidence that either is better than Calipari, I don't see it."

How about 6 rings to 0? Come on.


How many programs has he put on probation>


Coach K - 4 rings, 0 vacated Final Fours
Roy - 2 rings, 0 vacated Final Fours

Cal - 0 rings, 2 vacated Final Fours

Need more evidence?


Are you kidding me? It's only a matter of time before Kentucky will have to vacate all wins from this season! Every school he has coached at before has had the same NCAA violations. He may be a good coach, but he cheats to get there!


Wow Sorensen, I typically enjoy your columns or blogs but you are WAY off here. No evidence? How about for K 4 rings, Williams 2 rings, Calhoun 2 rings, Izzo 1 ring and a boatload of final fours, Boeheim 1 ring. Calipari doesnt have any and hes made it to the Final Four with 3 different programs. And where is he on the all time wins list? His team just caught fire at the right time. That happens every year to a different team, but to label him as the best coach in college basketball is a streeeeeetch.



Once again, Tom praising total scumbags. I'm guessing a lot of the affinity for Calipari comes from the fact you both sport the same ill advised hair style.


Please, don't even go there. What a scumbag he is--cheat, win, leave.


Memphis is just coming off probation no thanks to Calipari. Before all is said and done he'll have Kentucky on it. He is as crooked as Bruce Pearl


Calipari is a very good coach, no doubt. The best? No way. Memphis should have rolled to the title a couple years ago with Derrick Rose. We'll see if Kentucky beats UConn and Butler (my pick).


Sorry Tom, great coaches do not mis-handle the end of championship games like Calipai did in 08 vs Kansas and get ranked as the best. I think Butlers coach has done more with less, no Derrick Rose or John Wall at Butler.


I agree with this piece of work. NC had 7 SEVEN McD's AA before the season begins. Kentucky loses 8 of their top 10 players from last year and what happened yesterday?
Duke is lucky they lost to Arizona which saves them from getting their bushes kicked Saturday.

Big Blue Nation

All are great coaches. But as of now, Cal is the better coach. Ol Roy has lost his fastball. He was in over his head last night. Cats punched the Heels in the mouth and there was no response - just tears after the game. ACC is soft, Heels are soft. Fans are soft.

Lynn Pilkington

I enjoy reading your articles and you normally have some good insight, but this one is completely off the mark. Calipari isn't remotely anywhere near being the best coach in college basketball. That there is no evidence that coach K or Roy Williams is better than Calipari is one of the most uneducated comments I've ever read. (6 championships) Really, what evidence are you looking for? If any coach comes close it would be Brad Stevens. How do you think Calipari would have done with Butler's players, this year or last. Or for that matter Duke's players last year. Think Calipari would have gotten to the championship game or won the championship? No way. Not to mention these coaches do it with integrity and honesty. When this thought crept into your head you should have ran it off.


Only one other coach has taken three DIFFERENT teams to the Division I NCAA Final Four...Rick Pitino. Does Calipari get the same distinction given that the Final Four banners at UMASS and MEMPHIS were rescinded?


explain to me how D.rose high school test issues and Camby taking money from an agent is Calipari"s fault


He is NOT the best college coach. No way. But Rose put Memphis in the penalty box. You think Calipari flew to Chicago and took that test? Our fans are embarrassing some times. Heels got out coached, that just what happened. its OK. ITS NOT THE REFS, ITS NOT CHEATING. The Heels just LOST.


toms i norm like you posts mayne but dag kenturky coach be troubles. i stil be read wha you rite toms. aint given up on dat stank.


UK may be a great team with loads of talent. But I cannot bring myself to agree with you Tom. he is good at putting programs in jeopardy though. He can't compare to the coaches in the ACC...Williams (Gary and Roy) or Coach K. Let him win a ring and stay off probation and we'll see. Oh, wait, HE'S never been on probation.


Anudder thang toms. Cal hurr turnt grey fast. i be thinkin he sckressd out bout sunting. i bet he be thankin he gon be cougt soon and sckressd they win wont add up. stank out mayne.


You sir, are an idiot. That is dumber than saying Barry Bonds was the best player in MLB during his roid rage. At least Barry had the numbers, Cal doesn't even have any stats! You idiot.


I understand that this type of backlash against your article is exactly what you want. However, i think it is journalists like you that should hold unsavory and less than honest coaches feet to the fire, not praise them. The man represents the worst of college basketball. You hardly even acknowledged the scandals. You're normally better than this Tom. As a heels fan I respect coach K. I have no respect for Cal and am losing respect for you, Tom.

ray walters

Coaches get too much credit no matter who you are talking about, players make coaches look smart, had some of those 3 point shots failed ,he would be just an average coach?


People need to quit talking about Calipari as a cheater because he never did. He had no knowledge of either of the problems that put those two schools on probation, and was never implicated or blamed. Facts are facts. He never lied or covered things up like Bruce Pearl or now Jim Tressel at Ohio State. Go read the Sports Illustrated article about him from several weeks ago. Did any coaches in North Carolina organize and host a telethon that raised over $1 million for Haiti after its earthquake? He's got plenty of integrity and humanitarianism. I don't know that he is the best coach in college basketball, but how many coaches, including at Duke and UNC, have taken a team to the Final Four after losing all five of the previous year's starters? Anybody? Ohio State was the top seed of the entire tournament and the popular choice to go all the way, and he came up with a strategy that beat them. What he could do with players from other teams, like Butler, is irrelevant because he recruits the players that play his style, just like at Duke and UNC. Get off Calipari's back, you guys don't know what you are talking about, and Sorenson does.


And to the person who said, "The man represents the worst of college basketball," you don't know what the hell you are talking about, either. He represents some of the best of college basketball. Go read Sports Illustrated and see all the great things he has done off the court. All you can do is repeat rumors. And if Calipari had been coaching as long as Mike and Roy, at powerhouses like Kansas, UNC, and Duke, how many rings do you think he'd have? Let's put Mike and Roy at places like Rutgers, or Temple, or Central Florida, or Miami, and see how long it would take them to build a program.

John Blake

Some extra bitterness from UNC-CHeat fans today. Next stop: NCAA sanctions!

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