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Tom: You are getting caught up in the moment. Calipari has won zero NCAA Championships, his past college coaching stops have been checkered with violations (he was not implicated but it was under his watch - but moreover WHAT ABOUT LAST YEAR - five players taken in the FIRST ROUND and Calipari couldn't coach them to the FINAL FOUR! What's up with that???


“Duke's Mike Krzyzewski and North Carolina's Roy Williams are among the best in their sport. But if there's evidence that either is better than Calipari, I don't see it.”
Ok how about Coach K has 900 plus wins and four national championships including last year. Williams has won 80% of the games he has coached and won two titles. Cal may get on their level one day but he’s not there yet.


Props for giving your opinion. I'm not a UK fan but say what you want about Calipari but you have to respect this guys ability to motivate young players. People say he all he does is recruit and say with all his talent he should win. First all, last time I checked recruiting is a huge part of being a coach. And people who know nothing about college bball asume that talent is automatically going to win. Its hard to get top 20 talent to come in and get them to play defense. People say he cheated but no one ever looks into what exactly happened. THey just say he put teams on probation. Jealousy is ugly


I gotta say it's nice to not have this idiot sitting next to me anymore.

Go sleep on that, you retarded midget.


I guess Coach K is a cheater because Corey Maggette was being paid while he was at Duke. Not to mention that Roy Williams bolted from Kansas and left them on PROBATION. I guess 'Ol Roy is a cheater too. Calipari has ZERO infractions on his NCAA record. The NCAA cleared him of any knowledge or wrong doing at UMASS and Memphis. Also, there's no evidence that any violations even occurred at Memphis.


You have to win a championship to be a very good coach.... the GREAT ones have at least 2... That is all that needs to be said!


The so called "GREAT ones" won their championships at Big name schools. Not at places like UMASS or Memphis. Calipari will win several while he's at UK.


Haters, haters, haters. All of you are talking without really knowing the facts. Just becuase UK made the final four while Duke and UNC are watching it at home doesn't mean you have to spew nonsense. Check your facts, Coach Cal is a GREAT coach.

Lynn Pilkington

He does recruit players that play his style..and that style has never won a championship, compared to four for Coach K and two for Roy Williams. Calipari's been a head coach for 24 years and hasn't won a title. He's got a lot of catching up to do to be mentioned in the same breath as those two, much less considered better.

James Cooper

You have to consider the source. The guy keeps his job by being controversial, not by any writing or reporting skills. Sort of a Howard Stern of the Disturber. No substance, no ability, just stupid stuff that never makes any sense. It's the quality of the Disturber. That's why they're going broke.


This column like most of what Tom writes is a joke. Calipari is the poster child for what is wrong with college basketball. Bringing guys like Rose, Wall and Cousins to college and they NEVER attend a class. Yes, he is a great basketball coach. He needs to be in the NBA. Not anywhere near a college campus.

Fatty McButterpants

This is an absurd read. There hasn't been a program yet he hasn't left in shambles, and even after his first year at UK, the NCAA was looking into his recruiting of John Wall. Completely ridiculous. To even compare him to Coach K or Roy Williams is a joke.


Can't agree that he is a better coach but the guy deserves credit for getting his team to play defense the way they do and their offensive efficiency. The uneducated posters would be well served to do a little research, maybe read up on the facts. Camby met with an agent while at UMass (Calipari was not involved) and Rose was CLEARED by the NCAA to play at Memphis. Calipari played him thinking everything was kosher and a year later the NCAA clearing house changed their decision. The argument that he has a history of cheating needs to be dropped....it is a loser....


Is this guy high? The evidence he is looking for is hanging in the rafters of the Dean Dome and Cameron stadium. He should go there some time and get a grip on his profession.


I'm a Tarheel Fan, but Mark...Duke wasn't a powerhouse in basketball until Coack K came along. Check out the record, they didn't win any championships until


Reading this article, I had one overriding thought: this is your brain on drugs.


this is the best opportunity he has for a championship, but as being the best coach far from it. Of course everyone will think of coach k and roy, but I can think of a few coaches that have better resumes than cal, and more importantly no baggage. To the guy who says he never knew what was going on I might buy that once, not twice. In both universities he coached they had to take down banners and delete records after he left. Is he better than tom izzo, better than bill self, he wont even be the best coach on the court when they play uconn.


NCAA Probation Count:
Roy Williams (Kansas) 1
Calipari (UMass, Memphis, Kentucky) 0

Ineligible Players in Final Four Count:
Coach K (Cory Maggette) 1
Calipari (Derrick Rose) 1


What about Brad Stevens. Hes a young, classy guy, and he might not be the best basketball coach in the nation, but he is the best NCAA Tournament Coach in the Nation. I know people may not agree, but hes 34 years old, beats great teams with great coaches, and recruits classy kids with good talent. Calipari is a scum bag that recruits hoodlums. Brad Stevens needs to be in this conversation

Greg S

This is a joke right?

Because Calipari is the sleaziest scumbag in NCAA Basketball

Ray of Rock Hill

I love it when fans think their biases and misinformation are directly from God. Krzyzewski and Williams are very good, no doubt. Coach K may be the best of his generation. But, that does not make Calipari a cheat, or a lesser coach. Sports Illustrated just did a piece on Calipari that all you who like to spout rumor should read.


I seemed to recall Coach K's 2001 being tainted, and wonder what those NCAA investigators were doing in Lawrence days after Roy took of for UNC? Funny how Calhoun' present investigation is never mentioned, neither is one of his star players being caught stealing a Laptop out of someones dorm room a few years back, later to be only put on institutional probabltion. And the kid who owned the Laptop? Rest of his education was on the house!


calipari has not put any school on probation. don't post anything until u know ur facts. Rose had someone else take his sat. camby took money from an agent. Neither to the knowledge of coach calipari. Plus im pretty sure roy williams had violations at kansas and coach K had scandal around duke in the 80's. U guys are idiots... Calipari is one of the best if not the best. Recruiting is part of being a college coach and he has more wins over the past 5 seasons then any other coach. there is a reason he is the highest paid college coach.....

Common Sense

It doesn't matter what a coach has done (regarding success). What counts is what he can do. Right now, Cal is the best...no doubt. If you don't think so, you must have been watching Pro Bowling instead of basketball the last two weeks.


Calipari not only has never been in any trouble with the NCAA, he's never even been accused of any wrongdoing, except by jealous fans of schools where he doesn't coach. Now he's got Sandy Bell, UK's zealous (and sometimes overzealous) compliance czar, he's without a doubt the cleanest coach in college sports.

But I do love the smell of fear wafting over from North Carolina.

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