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Great wrap-up Tom. I enjoyed what he had to say and moreso how he said it. I like that his former players showed support. That says a lot about the man. He kept saying "we" and "us" and i am sure that was defining that this is his family's job and they are in this together. That is cool.


I wonder if any of those guys he coached could be assistant coaches soon or down the line? Riley Skinner as an offensive assistant or GA working with the QB's? That could work.


Welcome to NINER NATION Coach Lambert and your family!! GO NINERS!!

Freedom Huggins

Yesterday I wasn't that thrilled about this guy, but now, I'm more than thrilled! Looking forward to seeing where he takes us. Glad to be a Niner.


Welcome aboard Coach!

I don't always agree with Sorewnsen, but he is spot-on with this one. Charlotte needs and X's & O's type of coach apopposed to one wearing green sneakers & sun glasses. Sorry Chuck.


Sorensen writes staccato sentences. He's trying to be strong. He's trying to be clear. He sounds like a talented fourth grader.


I think he'll do just fine. The guy worked at some good programs and he's been an assistant for quiet sometime.

If we agree on this hire, which I am, or not we should all get over it and support him and our school. Stop the negativity right now.



Props to Mac Everett for this hire, the Dawg connection. Judy didn't make this decision. Great find.

Steve Johnson

Mac Everett did not know who Judy hired until yesterday. He had absolutley nothing to do with this decision.

Michael Schubert

Excellent column Tom!! Mr. Lambert should do quite well at Charlotte in the beginning. Within a few years at the FCS level, perhaps he is our coach who can leads us into the FBS. I see the Big East or another Division 1 conference within a few years. Go Niners!!

Mike...Charlotte Alum

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