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Scott Silverstein

No way Tom...its a smokescreen...I just dont see Jerry R taking the risk in Newton

...if we keep the pick it will be Blaine Gabbert or Patrick Peterson

Stockton Piner

Cam is THE guy in this draft! Sure there is some bust potential there, but there is also the potential for once in a lifetime greatness! The main sticking point for me is the fact that I could not handle losing to this guy. I can cope with getting beaten by any player in this draft but Cam Newton.

Jimmy Clausen

PLEASE Pick Newton... PLEASE!!!


Anyone who thinks Carolina will draft BLAINE GABBERT needs to check their heads.

There is only one choice, and it's Cam Newton.


Picking Blaine Gabbert keeps you the Carolina Panthers. Picking Cam Newton turns you into a more high-profile team that GASP! wins games.

Patty O' Furniture

Pick the Black dude. Charlotte needs more Blackness and shiny shit to look at.


wow patty....been a racist long?


I see it. . . I'm just now jumping on the Cam Newton train. I've been watching every video I can get on the guy. You got to admit - IMPRESSIVE! He's not "sure thing", but most gosh - size, strength, upside . . how can you pass?


Carolina will trade away the first pick so they can pick up someone cheaper.


I think it's Newton and there WILL be a behavorial claus in his contract!


With the lockout in full swing, I am quite sure there won't be any football. In fact, that's what I'm praying for.

Why? So the Panthers can go from 2-14 to 14-2 in one season.

Roll the dice and bet the lockout wipes out the season. I am an Auburn shill, so I refuse to acknowledge that Marcel Dareus is the best D-lineman. Take Nick Fairley #1. Go get another receiver and (Oh, Dear God, please) some O-line help. Then when the season gets wiped out, take Andrew Luck #1 in 2012. Draft some serious secondary guys and more interior linemen (on both sides). Then shock the world with an exact reversal of the 2010 record.


Last season everyone was so high on Moore.The season starts and he sucks. Enter Clausen who never worked with the first team and he sucked.Is there a pattern? Would it not make sense to give Clausen a season of working with the 1's before he is called a bust? Do you really believe Cam will step in and contribute right away? Stick with Clausen he will be great.


Make sure you copy edit your column, Tom. You're in over your head with these here words.


It's simple either pick Patrick Patterson from LSU or Marcell Dareus from Bama. We need a DT more b/c we couldn't stop the run since there was not DT to take up two blockers so Beason/Anderson could come in and make the tackle. People like Fairley b/c he’s a lot like Warren Sapp in that he can pass-rush, but we need some that is big enough to take up two blockers and stop the run and Dareus is that man. But an athletic CB would sure help us b/c Gamble is not a No.1 anymore and Marshall in better in the slot. Looking at the past, DT’s drafted (except for Suh) in the Top 5 doesn’t usually live up to expectations and Patterson would fill two needs in a CB and a punt returner. You got to Patterson B/C he is a playmaker and if were bad next year, we can get Luck for QB.


Food for thought! If these NFL Owners aren't seeing the returns on their investment in the upcoming years why aren't any of these NFL teams up for sale? If your losing money wouldn't you want to sell it while you can!

That's my point. These owners don't want to sell because they are making money not losing money. They just want to make more money. In my opinion, they are just greedy bastards with Jerry Richardson sitting at the top of the list. Doesn't he understand that he is just passing through and doesn't have too many more years on this Earth!


cam is by far the best qb prospect in the draft, 2nd is mallett, but trust me mr. richardson wants to sell tickets and picking cam puts the panthers at least interesting again, the nfl will be all over this guy like peterson, the endorsements will come flying and the panthers will finally be on the map, cam is $$$, and no way in hell richardson pass up on this guy, i bet 100 bucks and give anybody 10 to 1 odds, that we draft newton, oh yeah dont forget the aurbun fans coming to see this guy play as well..instant money

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