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Chris, please come back.... and slap Judas Peppers in the face for us.

Dug E Fresh

Yes Tom...and everyone would have taken JaMarcus Russell before he was drafted, too. You're okay with drafting a quarterback who is a gamble and will not be on the field until 2013. So, basically the Panthers won't have a number 1 or a number 2 pick on the field this year. That is just peachy for the worst team in the league. The Panthers should really see a marked improvement this year without a number 1 or a number 2 pick.

Tom, while you are busy playing dream catcher, I am focusing on facts. Cam looks great in a zone-read spread formation.
Newton isn't more dangerous in a pro-style offense. Operating out of the spread, Newton dictated the play and defenses adjusted to him. Working more out of three and five-step drops flips the script. The defense can then better dictate the tempo, forcing Newton to react more on the fly than he did last year. With the speed of the defensive players in the NFL, Cam is a dead duck.

Tom, what you have done is fallen in love with Ms. Universe. She is beautiful, popular, quick-witted, and carries a mystery to her. You somehow marry her and want her to become a businesswoman, housewife and mom. She must be sensible, practical, down to earth and live within a certain structure...good luck with that one. Cam IS your Ms. Universe and I certainly hope reality sets in soon.

Rae Carruth



I hate stupid. Just because Cam Newton is black you have to compare him to JaMarcus Russell. The spread offense excuse is a Joke!, Blaine Gabbert ran the Spread and you never heard that excuse for him, The Dude had 16 TD and 11 int last year and hardly through passes over 20 yards. Sam Bradford ran the spread at Oklahoma and I think he did a nice job last year. Newton played in SEC last year. All I hear about the SEC that it has NFL speed, the Super Conference. How did Cam do last year vs the SEC?? Stop with the hate, if you don't like CAM that is fine. Just stop with the BS excuses.


You're a reporter, so if you were asking for a vote for what they SHOULD do you should have asked it that way. Instead, you asked what he thought they WOULD do. Every Charlotte based reporter is saying they are going Cam's way, therefore everyone should say thats what they think they will do.


If they draft Cam Newton, it will be the end of a generation of Panthers fans. Hopefully all this talk about Cam Newton, a la Reggie Bush and the Texans in 2006, is a smoke screen.

Cam Newton has not demonstrated that he's an NFL QB. Perhaps he's shown potential. And that's why he makes sense in the late first or second round. But we're talking about the #1 pick on a guy who played only one year in the SEC; is linked to a major NCAA investigation that found guilt with his father; was kicked off the UF football team.

Watch that Jon Gruden/Cam Newton interview floating around ESPN.com. If the Panthers brass want that guy to be their franchise QB, I'll no longer be a Panthers fan.


Have you guys not learned.....when things are slow with Tom he write controversial stuff so you will talk to him. Doesn't necessarily mean he believes it, he's just lonesome. Keep commenting and he's happy.

Dug E Fresh

To Real Panther Pan...

I hate stupid, too...You know what I hate even more? RACISM...this isn't the effin 60's, and I'm not from the south, you confederate rebel. I could give a sheet about the amount of melanin someone possesses.

Okay, genius. You bring the mouth and I'll bring the facts...Pat White, Darnell Dinkins, Major Harris, J.C.Watts, Turner Gill, Josh Cribbs, Brian Mitchell, Jamelle Holloway, Darian Hagan, Tony Rice, Tommie Frazier, Brad Smith, Anwaan Randle-El, Michael Robinson, Arnaz Battle, Drew Bennett, Ronald Curry, Patrick Crayton, Matt Jones, Marques Hagans, Matt Schobel, Maurice Avery, Corey Jenkins, Troy Smith

Do you want more facts? I'll fill pages upon pages up with facts...heck, you'll think you're reading a novel! This is NOT a good idea. This would have been a good idea IF..
A) The Panthers had a veteran QB who was planning on retiring in a few years (Brett Favre-Aaron Rodgers)
B)The Panthers had a winning record with stability at the QB position
C)If the Panthers had stability within the organization, including the coaching staff

You take chances on projects, like Cam when the risk/reward factor doesn't cause you to lose the house and go bankrupt if it doesn't work out...AND there is NO guarantee it EVER will!


I personally prefer AJ Green but I will be happy with Cam Newton I love the idea of the panthers going in a NEW direction we need to get away from John Fox's philosophy as soon as possible. Cam is high risk high reward i believe he has a chip on his shoulders and i love his toughness. But AJ Green is almost sure fire the next andre johnson. he will quickly become the #1 option at WR for us.

John W.

Cool story, bro.


The best possibility for Newton is that he's another Michael Vick. Whether that's good or bad depends on your point of view. Personally I think Vick is a disgrace and should never have been reinstated. At worst another Ryan Leaf (heaven forbid I use JaMarcus Russell as an example) I see him most likely as another Vince Young . Just cant cut it at the NFL level. The Panthers should take the best player available (as they say their policy has always been) that being A.J. Green. Then they should bring in a capable veteran QB (Carson Palmer will likely be available)to distribute the ball to him and Smith and to mentor Clausen for a couple years. There is NO QB in this years draft worthy of a first round pick and as a whole this is a terrible year for the draft.

Taylor Batten

Hey Tom. How does Cam's dick taste? You've been sucking it like as tootsie pop.


SkinsFanAgain can't stand the thought of cheering for a black QB

Dug E Fresh

Lamont, take your racist comments and return back to the 60's...I don't care if it's the 1960's or the 1860's...grow up and quit using skin color as an effin' excuse! If you're so focused on the African American culture, I would have taken Warren Moon, Doug Williams, or Randall Cunningham in the draft way before anyone would have known about their successful careers. I still wouldn't touch Cam unless he could play behind a veteran QB for a couple of years. None of these QB's in this draft are slam dunks!
It's not the amount of melanin Lamont, you big dummy (Fred Sanford's line), it's Cam's inability to help a franchise for many years, if ever.


These white QB haters show their racism. Newton is a joke and a scam artist.

What race is Tom Sorensen these days anyway? He used to claim he was a black man in a white mans body.

He also claimed he didnt say Newton should be drafted before he was againt it and then reversed that.

Total LIAR.


If they draft Cam Newton, it will be the end of a generation of Panthers fans. Hopefully all this talk about Cam Newton, a la Reggie Bush and the Texans in 2006, is a smoke screen.

i say if you don't support the team if they draft cam or whoever,then good riddance, your are the generation that fking complaian about everything the panthers done or will do, you really never supported them anyway, its time for a new generation the future is here, go sit down in your old man's chair with your redneck ideas and cheer for the checkers or the hurricanes, we don't need you and we don't want you..

it's time for the new panther generation of fans to stand up and really be loyal to the team


I'll cheer for the Panthers whether it's Cam or Jimmy at QB (but hopefully a free agent), BUT... I was very disappointed in Newton's responses in his session with Jon Gruden on ESPN. I'm afraid this kid doesn't have the IQ to adapt to the NFL.


Racists only want a black QB to go with an all black defense and offense. Such incredible racism. White fans need to boycott this form of insideous racism.

They made fun in the media and elsewhere many times of Peyton Manning and the Colts having too many whites didnt they? The racists called it vanilla offense over and over ...

Its not a given that the NFL will even play in 2011 so wait and get the best QB with vanilla offense Andrew Luck if the Panthers want to win big.

Newton will end up a thug on the street bangin and slangin in the end with no degree ... or a preacher money grubber cheat like pappy. The apple never falls far from the tree ...

STAY IN COLLEGE -- GET A DEGREE !!!! Dont listen to the racists trying to get you to leave college early.

 cum and get this

Posted by: Dug E Fresh | April 18, 2011 at 12:11 PM

you damn bigot. get the hell back to where you came from cuz you aint wanted down here and im not white but will beat the fuck out your puny punkass anyday. yo mamma is callin you ...


Dug E Fresh - your first post and analysis on Cam was right on the money. I like Cam - and I hope he does succeed in the NFL but the Panthers need to trade down. Trade it down with the Skins (their first and second round picks) and then draft Jones or Prince at #10. Then trade Stewart or Smith to NE for thier first round pick (#28 I think) grab Ponder with that pick and then the best DT left on the board with the other 2nd rounder (from the Skins) - then grab a CB with the 3rd rounder. That would be a great draft...


Also - I would only trade Smith if we picked up Jones at #10 - if we got Price then we could keep Smith and pickup a WR or DT with the 3rd round pick. Bottom line is we need to find a way to either get back into the late first round or the early second round (#33) so we can draft Ponder. The other picks we use on DT, CB or WR - whoever is available. Ponder is going to win a Super Bowl. He has the "it" factor and people forget Auburn had a great offensive line. Cam does remind me of Randall Cunningham - one of my favorites - so if we pick him I won't be upset about it. I just think we can fill three holes in this draft if we play the game right - DT, QB and CB...


And as much as I like Stewart - the fact is we don't need him with DWill, Goodson and Sutton. I wasn't real happy when we drafted him in the first place - too high and we had RBs... Panthers have made some bad draft day moves recently. I would not have drafted Stewart or traded up to get Otah - I would have just grabbed Otah or perhaps an even better OT with the pick we used on Stewart. The AE move last year was one of the worst moves I have ever seen... Oh well - I guess we shoud be prepared for more dumba$$ stuff this year



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