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Come on cam!!!!!!!!! Congrats to Charlotte


A commitment to offense I hope ! Let's hope we got the right guy!


I hope I'm wrong but this pick could set the Panthers back for YEARS. With it looking like the old CBA will be in effect, Newton will take all of Jerry's money in his rookie contract. Then what will Hurney do in the next draft when we get the No. 1 pick again (we MAY go 3-13) and Andrew Luck is there?


Sorensen can stroke his man crush for years now!!!


Better lock up all the laptops in Charlotte....


just like the president just can not see a black man first get your money cam just like them other bust #1 QBs


Why are anti-Newton fans more prone to post online?


When is the front office and management
going to see after 5 quarterbacks that the problem is the offensive line or lack thereof, not the QB position. Time to sell your tickets, another #1 pick is coming next year to select another QB. Congrats
to the 2011 0-16 panthers.


Wow, the anti-Panther morons are out in force.....Don't worry you can all pull for your boy Luck (who will be getting sacked in Detroit) next year. Go Cam, Go Panthers!


Wow @Tim, seems like you and other morons seduced by the Scam are out in force.

Yo Tom, there are just as many if not more people pissed off at the Cam pick that were happy with it, but you and the other homers at the CO just wont give them the same chance to speak out. Screw the Panthers, as long as Marty Hurney is drafting and making personnel decisions they will forever be a fringe team.


The incredible ignorance continues with Newton being a "huge" runningback ? That was the words of Rivera too.

Clearly Rivera is an idiot but being in defense all his life and knowing nothing about offense this is par.

"Huge" running back? Too funny. All RBs in the NFL are rarely even 6' tall and most are shorter built low to the ground for speed and flexibility.

A "huge" RB only makes for a "huge" target for "huge" LBs and DL or others to maime injure destroy and make mincemeat out of.

The way it sounds Newton will be out with a broken neck, or legs and arms after the first game.

And he is only 6'4" 235 lbs. They keep bumping his size up for the effects but hungry LBs and DEs will take him down to size quickly.

Just keep the John Deere wagons and ambulances and stretchers close by. NFL QBs are NOT RBs plus Newton has a very WEAK highly inaccurate arm. He will be picked like a cotten field.

Defenses are chompin at the bit right now after hearing Rivera espec ex-CP Peppers at 6'8" 300 lbs. yum yum eat him up ...


Yeah I'm ecstatic. Panthers pick the 16th rated prospect (Scouts Inc) with the #1 overall. I'm telling you Big Cat got rid of the wrong guy. Hurney has to go and I'll say it until someone listens.


Phil, that's not even the worst of it. He's rated in the mid-20s by plenty of other scouts!

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