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and the Observer should drop Tom Sorensen.

Could your man-crush be anymore throbbing and embarrassing?


Hey Tom! Cam Newton ain't comin here...get over it!

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(as usual) DO THE OPPOSITE !!!

.. and they bitched about Bush gas prices for 8 yrs?

Too bad Obomba dont have a real draft since this college dropout would be 4A ripe to risk his azz in Iraq Afghan or new war Libya ... Defend the nation. Too hell with greedy coward yellow belly frivilous pro union $$ millionaire club spoiled rotten pampered thugz running Americas bills to the moon ...


Some people lose their freaking minds just at the mere mention of Cam Newton


I wish EVERYBODY would forget about Cam Newton.


And the trolls pounce....

Lysol Jenkins

Cam Newton will be a far better QB than Jimmy Clausen ever will.


Can MIGHT be a great player someday but not next year or the most likely the year after. I say bring in a vet QB and some D Tackle help to right the ship and win some games next year. If we dont win some games quickly its gonna be ugly..

Dug E Fresh

Tom Sorenson

Please explain your logic...

A) drafting ANY QB this year is a waste because that rookie will NOT play this year. The only teams that should be drafting a QB are teams who currently have a veteran QB they can go with in 2011.
B) Rookies will not work with or meet with any coaches until September. In fact, no rookie will be under contract until then.
C) Cam Newton is a college QB who has operated the spread offense. How do you think that terminology, that style, and that instinct transfers over to the Pro-style offense?

Tom, please tell everyone that you know Cam Newton is a longshot and will not even have an opportunity to be under center until he has at least 2 full offseasons. That would be the fall of 2013. Now, do you really think the Panthers fans understand this? Tom, do you understand this?
I am quite concerned about your ability to evaluate talent and the circumstances surrounding this individual. You know the new Jerry Richardson is not going to go for this.


mgb gt convertible so glad you let us know you can never be quarter back corner back or solider wow what can you do well? run the country into a divise explosive ball of nothing productive. You run for office and see your statics and you do some reform start with your thinking. Cam all the way will be an success where he goes without a doublt. Glad your not the genie in the bottle.


Tom is right. If we don't sign Cam Newton we will regret it sooner that most of you think.


I am always amazed at how so many of you know so much about running an NFL franchise, yet somehow no one has hired you to do so.
NO ONE knows how Newton will perform yet, NO ONE!!!!
However, all of the Newton haters will be the first to jump on his bandwagon if he plays well, that we do know.

Dug E Fresh

To Kenny:

It's who you blow and who you know...that's why I don't have Tom's or Marty's job. Also, you seem to kno very little about Cam's abilities, oher than the Fathead of him on your wall. People don't hate him; what an absurd comment. He is not a good fit for the Panthers. He is a great fit in Jacksonville, or in Houston, or in New Orleans, or in New England. Cam needs a place where he can be given time to learn. Aaron Rodgers has done just fine sitting on the bench for few years and learning behind a veteran QB. You want to turn Cam into JaMarcus Russell? Have him get drafted by Cincinnati, Buffalo, Washington or Carolina and play him his first year...then, the Panthers will have to draft Andrew Luck next year.
In order to understand Cam's situation, you must study the history of previous drafts and previous QB's.


Cam Newton has the potential to be a great NFL QB and at least as good a QB as Andrew Luck (already awarded by some Hall of Fame status) who played in a weaker football conference. I hope the Panthers show they want to return some excitement to their team and draft Newton. I think the Panthers' defense is also excited by the prospect especially Jon Beason who said so publicly, but then had to retreat. But what does Beason, their best defender, know? It must be less than the average couch potato, crystal ball and tea leaves reading commenters to these sites.


To Dug E Fresh:

First of all, when we say haters, we are referring to people who hate the idea of Cam playing in Carolina, we don't mean that they hate him personally.
Once again, YOU have no idea how Newton will perform as a rookie, even though you seem to have it all figured out. I certainly don't need to study previous drafts and qb's to be able to say that NO ONE knows how Newton will fair in his first year.
To compare Newton to Rodgers is silly, Green Bay already had a QB and they drafted Rodgers late because he fell so far in the draft. Newton will go high whether we like it or not, what happens after that is anybody's guess.


cam can no no.... stank dont like they idea of cam up in hurr. where matt mo is? aint he still they qb? stank out


All you Newton haters, a word of advice! don't watch the draft because I'm sure....wait a minute, here comes the Commissioner.. AND WITH THE FIRST PICK OF THE 2011 DRAFT, THE CAROLINA PANTHERS SELECT.. CAM NEWTON, QUARTERBACK AUBURN!! Wait for it, wait for it....

Dave Kempert

He's Kerry Collins black brother from a different mother....It'll be the Kerry Collins sequel..in color this time....Big arm, strong, little brain...immature to handle all of the fame and glory and scrutiy y that comes with being a quarterback in the NFL....He'll fit right in with Oakland....

Mark Wells

and Okaland would be better haveing him

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