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Wow. This is what top notch journalism is all about. Really? Come on TS, you can do better than this. Unfortunately you got me to read it, that's 30 seconds I'll never get back.


Funny, but too many spelling errors for my liking.


Tom. If you are not embarassed you should be. Pathetic.

Shane Stone

I thought it was great


MJ said "winning" lol


He parties enough without Charlie and his goddesses


i thought this was hilarious. thanks tom.


""I've had a lot of other things on my mind -- winning."

Well played, Mike. Well played.

NBA Diversity Bandwagon

Such hypocrisy and double standards. Jordan needs diversity in the top mgmt ranks and players themselves along with the whole NBA. Why is all that ignored when the shoe is on the other foot? Will he or other teams be recruiting white players or mgmt? Who is paying for 99.9% of the TWC arena anyway?


Your Mom

"Dont put me there" Jordan reminds his women everyday. The one the only, the greatest of all time....I love all things MJ, thanks Tom

Randy Wilcox

Tom, you missed a great opportunity to report on the rumor that MJ has indeed tied the knot with that Cuban model hottie Yvette Pietro...I haven't actually seen it in print and would have been more of a "scoop" than focusing on a MJ/Sheen connection. The simple question would have been: "MJ, heard you got married?"


You had to ask Tom, thanks for asking the tough questions no one else wants to....
Threw him right under the bus, didn't he?


I had two aholes jump on me for saying this never was is a hack just mailing it in and taking a paycheck. After this, I feel vindicated.

tom green


jon gray

no, tom s. really can't do better than this. i'm sure this is top notch journalism in his mind...

Old but Interesting News and


I liked the bleacher report article supposing that Jordan influenced Tiger. If I were a local reporter, a story I would find interesting is whether Jordan influenced Tiger influenced Skipper Beck, the car man and Bobcats investor, who was "outed" as the only prominent person to frequent Sallie Saxon's "Hush Hush" prostitution ring. I don't know if this incredible embarrassment led to his untimely death...all I know is that Skipper patronized Hush Hush, Tiger is known to patronize call girls and Hush Hush was reported to have the top echelon of sports and business leaders as patrons. Mysteriously, Sallie refused to name name and is now going to church. Meanwhile, there is no info on who else in the basketball and golf world was also visiting HH's girls in Southpark, especially during Wachovia/Quail Hollow week.


I hate to get really off topic, but somebody has to respond to the nonsensical garbage being spouted by "NBA Diversity Bandwagon." Exactly 3.333% of NBA majority owners are NOT white. There is exactly ONE non-white majority owner among all the teams of the four major sports leagues in the U.S.

Look at major sports management, both historically and currently. I challange anyone to show that white people don't dominate the industry.

You are accurate in saying that white people (especially U.S. born whites) represent a striking minority amongst players. However, that's not for lack of trying on the part of management. The desire to market white players (in order to please ignorant baboons such as yourself) gets players like Adam Morrison drafted in the top 3. White players get their chances. If they don't stick around it's because they're not performing.

I'm hoping that the NBA Diversity Bandwagon is just some hoax and I'm the sucker that took it seriously, but I've heard this sentiment expressed with complete sincerity in the past. So if you're not being ironic, I challange you to grow a pair and stop pretending like we (white people) have anything to complain about in this country.


Who cares if this is good journalism or not, virgiltab. Its a blog for pete's sakes. Stop worrying about his job and worry about yours.


Mainstream pro-sports earnings in N America:

NFL 9.4 billion
NASCAR 8.9 billion
MLB 6.6 billion
NBA 3.7 billion
NHL 3.3.billion

Unless steps are taken to insure its viability the NBA will not be around by 2021. Affirmative Action in reverse is a an option although most would agree the NBA is officially DOA in Charlotte and cant be saved. Lets analyze the conventional wisdom approach.

Myth: Affirmative Action is like setting quotas for white guys in the NBA.

Fact: This is a parody of affirmative action, which would still let the most talented players play ball.


The NBA analogy doesn't even apply because that is not how affirmative action even works. All affirmative action recipients must be qualified for their jobs. Besides, the fact that blacks overcome their social disadvantages to dominate in the NBA is no justification for keeping them disadvantaged. The argument that it's wrong to give whites an even greater advantage to make up for their lack of merit is irrelevant. If blacks got an equal start in life, they might even dominate the NBA more than they do now. The fact that they don't is a further injustice to their merit.


This is a prize piece of rhetoric among anti-affirmative critics. Teams in the National Basketball Association select their players based on merit. For some reason, blacks have come to represent the vast majority of players in the NBA, even though they form only 12 percent of the U.S. population. If we were to impose racial quotas on the NBA to make the teams resemble a cross-section of society, we would be throwing more talented black players off the teams and replacing them with less talented white players. Obviously, that would be an injustice.

However, this example is a parody of affirmative action, and is so wrong as to be irrelevant.

If affirmative action were truly applied to the NBA, then a study would be done to determine the percentage of qualified players from each race. Although 75 percent of the male population is white, and 12 percent black, the study would probably find that 90 percent of the qualified players are black, and only 10 percent white. It would then set an affirmative action goal of 90 percent black and 10 percent white players, and ask the team-owners to conduct a good-faith effort to meet these goals. Penalties would be incurred only if a racist team insisted on 100 percent black players, and a blatant case of discrimination could be proven.

We could quit here, but it is also worthwhile to address the point that critics of affirmative action thought they were making with this example. And that is that it's wrong to deny top jobs to the most qualified in the name of racial fairness.

However, the NBA example fails to make even this point. To see why, imagine that you have been asked to preside as a judge at a track-and-field event. Two sprinters, Joe and David, are going to compete in a 200-meter dash. Because you are a finish-line judge, your judging box is at the finish line, and you can't see the starting conditions of the race very well. Now suppose the starting gun goes off, and about 20 seconds later Joe and David come flying by. Joe wins the race, and you declare him the winner.

However, suppose a starting-line judge then approaches you and confides that he is suspicious of the starting line positions. Officials remeasure the length of the sprinting lanes, and find that Joe has actually run 190 meters to David's 200 meters. Obviously, the race results should be invalidated, because the race was unfair.

But what if the starting-line judge told you that Joe had actually run 210 meters to David's 200 meters? In that case, it's clear that Joe is still the faster sprinter, because he won despite his disadvantage.

Now, a few critical questions emerge here. First, are the officials justified in keeping Joe's lane at 210 meters in all future races, even if Joe wins every time against these odds? Of course not.

Second, are the officials justified in shortening David's lane, trying somehow to achieve a "fairer" result? Of course not.

But what if some sports writer were to argue that shortening Joe's lane is the same as shortening David's lane, and therefore just as unfair? But this is completely illogical; shortening Joe's lane makes the race equal and fair, but shortening David's makes it even more unequal and unfair.

The only fair race is one where the competitors get an equal start.

The above analogy holds for blacks in the NBA -- they win despite their disadvantaged start in society. Does this mean society should keep them disadvantaged? No. Does this mean that whites should be given an even greater advantage to catch up? No. Does it mean that giving blacks a step up is the same as giving whites a step up? No. All it means is that blacks should be given an equal start in society.

Now, it's entirely conceivable that when blacks achieve an equal start, they may dominate the NBA even more so than they do today. In that case, they will have achieved the full measure of their merit. The fact that they have only partially achieved it today is yet another injustice being committed against them.

What constitutes an equal start? Liberals argue that blacks will have an equal start when the average black income matches the average white income, and the black poverty rate matches the white poverty rate. Liberals especially believe that black children should be given the same health care, nurturing and education as white children -- that is, in their critical developmental years, before the ravages of poverty harden into permanent differences in adulthood. (This, of course, leads us to the Bell Curve debate.) Only then will individuals within these racial groups succeed or fail on their own merits, and not because of some unfair social advantage.


People say stupid sh!t all the time. If you think a product is too black to support. you are a racist! That's why it's hard for the Cats to get full support from the community. I heard an assorted amount of dumb remarks concerning why no one liked Bob Johnson. The one that no one had the balls to say is that he is black. If Larry Bird was part of the ownership group to win the bid, the arena would be loaded even if we were losers under his leadership.


Whoa Easye...step away from the mirror....this is not about race...this is about the NBA.....if you lived here in the late 80s or 90s you would realize....compare the talent levels to former Hornet teams to this Bobcat team....I have to say ...where's the beef??


Tom's becoming more a blogger than a journalist. You interviewed THE MAN and this is your story? I bet you had him autograph a bunch of your old socks too. (for your kids, right?)

Nike Australia

The film records the LeBron grew at a young age, tells the story from Akron, Ohio, St. Vincent and St.

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