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Schools need to get back to their core purpose - education and stop being the NFL's minor league.

Lil Stomache Ache

strong journalism once again, Tommy


SEC, Tom? Then explain Auburn.

They got a free pass on your beloved Cam Newton. He's as dirty as they come.

Mike G

You look dirty in your picture, like literally a homeless person kind of dirty. keep peeping Tom..

Mike G

Players selling their own personal items is a scandal?? This is just ridiculous..


The Harry Truman spectacles help complete the image.


I always wondered why people were so critical of you and your writing and described you as an idiot. I no longer wonder. I guess that it has been so long since Minnesota has been relevant in the Big Ten, that this is your chance to exact some revenge. I'm not going to put down the SEC in order to dispute your theory. I'll just say, "You're an idiot!"


2 things

1) Actions like Tressel's are standard operating procedure in the SEC.

2) I agree. Ohio State's response was weak. However, given the fingerpointing from the NCAA, released this week, I don't think Ohio State's response is going to matter much. Tressel is now subject to whatever the NCAA says.

George Harrison

Ohio State and the dominion in which it resides is the grundle of an otherwise educated landmass. As an aside, Big 10 football is unwatchable and the "cheerleaders" are barf inspiring. Suck it Tressel.

All Burn

On April 25, 2011, the NCAA accused Tressel of withholding information and lying to keep Buckeyes players on the field. In a "notice of allegations" sent to Ohio State University by the NCAA relating to the coach are considered "potential major violations" and had "permitted football student-athletes to participate in intercollegiate athletics while ineligible. The report also says he "failed to deport himself ... (with) honesty and integrity" and said he was lying when he filled out a compliance form in September which said he had no knowledge of any NCAA violations by any of his players."


tom, was this a dare to see if you could write an article before your boss got back from the restroom? if so, well done

if not, WTF

the donald

And whoever did this sloppy Adobe work would never be a counterfeiter.



No one from Ohio is really surprised to find out The Vest is dirty. He came to TOSU from Youngstown State. Youngstown OH is one of the few remaining municipalities that is still ruled by the Mafia with an iron fist. The only thing that surprises me is that it took this long for his dirtiness to come to the forefront.

And all you commenters bashing Cam, Auburn and the SEC as a whole - your beloved ACC isn't any better, unless you are among the morbidly-insane that thinks UNC-CH, NC State, Miami, Clempson and Va. Tech never did anything wrong and were victims of witch hunts. Don't forget the old saying about stones and glass houses.

Dave Kempert

As we "fret these indiscretions", has anyone wondered how people are surviving in Haiti, or Tuscaloosa, Alabama, or people on the Mississippi River that is flooding, or Northern Japan after the tsunami...Our priorities are so f*****.....Quit making these minor, insignificant infractions headline news....they were for tatooes for God's sake.....Our country's priorities are so out of whack, it's terrifying...

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