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Ken Myers

If you want to use this idea for an NFL crowd, the stadiums would be just about empty for games.


Unfortunately, this type of hooliganism is rampid in the soccer loving world. It is a complete disrespect of sport and everything that sport stands for not to mention a complete disrespect for humanity.


I wonder if the attackers were related to the father-son duo that jumped the first base coach at a White Sox game?

airport security

Sick and twisted? Your Marxist govt and their perverts at ariports.


George Hanson

You joke about bloods and crips...I won't be surprised if one or both are involved.


Although you should have the right to wear your teams colors to an away game. It's not something I do. I did once at the Steelers for a preseason game and had a few scary moments that convinced me that it would be suicidal to do it during the regular season.

Exercizing a right doesn't always make sense or protect you from the results.

As we can see this fan put himself at risk and when persued by the attackers tried to walk away and was blindsided. He should have never taken his eyes off them and should have run. Nothing a bully likes more than fear.

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