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allen williams



dagomn peeple like they tiger toms. dude mite aswell stay in vegas wit they girls. stank out


Tiger's game is on the way back. He will win at least one major this year, maybe two. He singlehandedly makes golf interesting.


Tom, how far are you going to stick your nose up Tiger's rearend? Two Tiger articles in two days? He lost, get over it!!


I was extremely happy to see Tiger fall off on the back 9 at Aususta. Personally, I hope Jack's record stays in tack! Jack was a classy guy, as are many of the past champions. Golfers like Arnold Palmer, Tom Watson, etc. etc...
Guy's who would stand out in the rain and sign autographs after the majors, especially for those kids who were looking for their idol's signature to add to their collection. Tiger has an "above it all" attitude, curses when he miss hits, and occasionally throws his clubs. He is no longer feared by players, heading into the final rounds, especially the younger golfers who are moving up the ranks quickly. He never plays well at the Ryder Cup because it is a TEAM sport and Tiger is all about himself. He always was and he always will be! Here's to Jack's record!

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