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So because you didn't think of it or none of the other talking heads did...it's a "What are they doing deal?" How do you get paid? Get back to reporting what you know...not what you think you know.


LOL. And NC State's saga of mediocrity will continue!

Frank McGinnis

All the trash talk about NCSU's hire, just think about it. The big name coaches are afraid of the recruiting fight with unc and duke and their established programs all in a few miles of each other. Give the guy a break and a chance. Heck, mediority sounds better than very poor. And yes, I'm a PACK fan.


Tom, I have always been a fan, but you have pushed the wrong button with me. I, unlike most UNC fans, am a graduate of the school I pull for. A series of bad hires, bad luck, and overall mishandling of the basketball program has set us back and put us at the bottom of the barrel. But make no mistake, us pack fans love our sports, have passion that rivals no one, and will not listen to bulls&%t from a a person who had rather talk about his dogs than report the truth. Funny, we don't hear much about how desperate the tarheels are to find a winning football program, that they totally overlook the rules violations that have resulted it what? More mediocrity for the boys in blue. We will be back, sooner than you think, and it will be sweeeet Tommmy boy, sweeeet.


Tom would have preferred NC State to hire a criminal. Somebody else for him to look up to. They didn't even have to be a convicted criminal. Just as long as there were rumors of drug use of beating up women.

Randolph Means

Tom, I agree with you...a sad, time-wasting hire. If Shaka Smart, Sean Miller, Mike Anderson and this guy go into a recruit's house, who's going to win 95% of the time. Not the new Wolfpack coach who has been sitting on the sidelines after a mediocre seat-warming career. Yow must have been getting 100 emails and texts a day and the pressure must have gotten to her. The worst is getting turned down by Gregg Marshall, coach of the Wichita State Shockers. Yes, they won the NIT, but surely...surely NC State could have given him such a pay boost that he would have jumped at coming to Raleigh. You know, Gregg Marshall who was down at Rock Hill's Winthrop College for much of his career. This indicates that there was much, much more going on that the money couldn't overcome. The two hires - Yow and Gottfried will ensure that NC State will remain in the lower 1/3rd of the ACC for years. Just watch.


Randolph Means,,,,an idiot and a tarheel fan


What a clown show in Raleigh...the AD blames Gary Williams for having to hire Gottfried at his introductory press conference!

Great hire! You woffies must be pumped!



I'm sure Gottfried loved hearing at his introductory press conference that State had to settle for him because Gary Williams told other coaches Yow was hard to get along with.

Hey, WalterDavis...if you want to see an idiot, look in the mirror. You are second-class in every way. Keep measuring your self-worth against how UNC is doing and you'll come in last place every time.



All the Wolfsack fans who bashed UNC during the regular season, all you have now are pathetic memories of 83 and another 6 yrs of misery. The only team that deserves it more than you is Dook.

It will be a pleasure to look down on you from the top of the ACC next year.



Hey UNC and Duke...in case you haven't noticed...there is no Coach K in waiting at Duke or Roy in waiting at unc. This is a good hire for State. If you think your programs will continue to win,ad infinitum, maybe you should have a conversation with a Michigan or notre dame football fan.

Bradley Pennell

TO Tom the Turd...Yow shows her spunk and you make fun of NCSU with your proposed silly motto.Incidently,you drive some of our best football players to out of state schools because of your lack of respect for in state programs.


She's a misandrist joke and those who hired her should be tar & feathered and run out on a rail

raleigh wolfpacker




Quote by walterdavis: " But make no mistake, us pack fans love our sports, have passion that rivals no one"

There is more than one truth evident in that post walter. Indeed, you probably graduated from state. And though not your intention, wulfpecker's passion much like the teams they follow, rivals no one.

Perhaps you meant "have no rival".

Maybe you could sign up for some remedial english at UNC.


Hey Randolph means. You might want to look at the type of players Mark recruited while at UCLA and BAMA before you come in here throwing insults. I'll start with one. Mo Williams. You go from there, if you care to do the research...which I know you won't. Buffoon.


Good but not great at Murray St? 3 conferce titles in 3 years and 3 NCAA appearances. At MURRAY FREAKIN' STATE!!!

He's been to an Elite 8, won a major conference championship (SEC) and had a program ranked #1 in the country. In all honesty, these are better resume credentials than ANY COACH NCSU HAS EVER HIRED IN ITS HISTORY! Case, Sloan, V were complete nobodies that had achieved nothing of substance prior to their tenure at NCSU.

Sorensen, you are an idiot...


Who cares about NC football or basketball. Professional sports are where it is at.


Good Help is hard to find at the sports desk these days, too, apparently. The fact is: No one knows how this hire will turn out. While I expect Calhoun and K to turn into Bowden/Paterno, Roy is probably recruiting his last graduating class. His senior moments are increasing in frequency. If you think UNC will automatically keep on winning, think about: Matt Doherty.


I thank UNC and Duke for providing out-of-state students free exposure for the pro's. How many of these students really care about the schools expect for what they can do for them professionally. C'mon like UNC or Duke goes after local talent. Out of state students love the idea of a free education. NC fans should take a look at their rosters to see how much love is given to the state of NC for players.

Wine and Cheese

The problem is, the local players lack "talent." When there is a good in-state recruit(Reggie Bullock), they go to Chapel Hill or Durham. Even above-average in-state talent who do go to State, such as the overhyped C.J. Leslie, simply degenerate into mediocrity. UNC and Duke get the best of the best. So I say to you, disgruntled State fans, appreciate the fact that Carolina and Duke bring watchable basketball to this state and the conference as a whole. If you don't like it, go back to your below par excuse for a "university" and take a class on how to dig a hole in the ground, or whatever you farmers do.


Quote from 'WalterDavis' @ 8:22: "Funny, we don't hear much about how desperate the tarheels are to find a winning football program, that they totally overlook the rules violations that have resulted it what? More mediocrity for the boys in blue"

Umm, so suspending fourteen players including 11 first-string players and several for the entire year who will be first-round NFL picks, is considered "totally overlooking rules violations"? Wow - I'd hate to be your kid. And I'll take UNC's 'mediocrity' over NCState's ANY DAY...

Hiette Williams

"Tom Talks" No Tom blows it out his @$$. All he knows is how to talk a load of crap. Oh I forget he is an experienced coach and an expert so he knows it all. So Tom I have a riddle for you: What is Carolina Blue? >>> The past tense of Carolina BLOWS!!! And Tom YOU $VcK!

Big Al

I thought....I thought....I thought....Why would you think State would go after an assistant or small college coach when their AD described with great detail the type of person they were looking for when the search started?

"Sometimes I sits and thinks.....and sometimes I just sits" Give it a try!


Wine and Cheese I am agreeing you with. UNC and Duke sports are enjoyable to watch due to the out of state studs that make up their teams. Now baseball and golf does produce some good local talent.

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