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If it is to be Cam, like him or loathe, us Panther fans need to support him 100%. Go Panthers!

Knotts Landing

If they pick the Newton scoundrel it will be the end of the Carolina Panthers. Integrity and honor is required for survival of anything worthwhile in this universal realm and what goes around will inevitably come around.


Why don't we just ask Deangelo Williams what he wants us to do. Aren't we at HIS mercy anyway???


Knotts Landing....what the hell are you talking about point blank period this is only football the Carolina Panthers were here before Cam Newton and will be here after him, regardless of what kinda player he turns out to be.....Idiot!!


Jake Locker, Blaine Gabbert and Andy Dalton will all be better QBs than Newton


If we take Cam Newton with the top pick, they better have someone ready to mentor him because i think he wont be ready to start right away.

Nosebleed fan

Cam, Cam, he's our man, if he can't do it, Weinke can!!!!!


I suppose everything that can be said about this already has been, but...why don't I throw my two cents in as well.

I guess from everything that I've been reading, Cam Newton just has too many question marks. Carolina's got multiple needs, and Dareus, Green, and Peterson are all pretty universally considered to be can't-miss players, and all at positions of need. Yes, a great (or even just good) QB is far more impactful than a dominant DT, WR, or CB, and Newton's absolutely got the potential to be great. But from what I've read, it seems a lot more likely that Newton could struggle and Green/Dareus/Peterson could star than vice versa. And who knows what Clausen could do after a year of learning and with a couple more pieces around him?

Basically, why go with a "maybe" prospect when you could go with a "definitely" prospect at a position of need that's just as drastic?


I would prefer Peterson for risk and immediate payback, but Newton will sell jerseys.


That's pretty much what we're looking at, Nbf. College production doesn't mean anything if you don't have the mental acuity or the skillset to produce at the pro level.

Michael, you're exactly right. This is a pick we CANNOT screw up. If Newton has to play this year and flops, what do we do next year, draft Luck?

Lepoleon Chambers

It's amazing some of you don't want the Panthers to take Cam Newton because of his character issues and the misdeeds of his father. Let's see, some say pick AJ Green. Well he was suspended for four games for breaking team rules (selling his GA Jersey for cash). Let's see, Mark Ingram's father is in prison and I don't hear him being drug though the mud because of his father. I hope Cam comes to Carolina and win six championship, Oh I forgot we already have a mega championship winner in MJ. Cam has two championships and more coming via the Carolina Panthers.

mr green jeans

Misdeeds of the father? Who you trying to kid? lol Did the old man steal laptops? Cheat on grades multiple times? Get kicked out of college? Who knows what else.
And you think the younger Newton didnt know about the payoffs? You better go sell that snake oil stuff somewhere else... lie lie lie ...

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