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Woody is from Mebane. Born there and graduated from Mebane High School.


Woody was born in Mebane, but his family moved to Albemarle when he was 10! He played football at Albemarle High! A little reasearch can go a long way!

yea whatever ...



And he graduated from Mebane High School. Look it up.

elmer fudd

what ever happened to woody woodpecker? he was the best.


Elmer - You remain a "person of interest", and we are sure that by your comment, "he was the best", you meant the comment in a gustatory sense. We are on your trail-
Sincerely - Dudley Doright, RCMP


To pre-empt the ABCs out there, in the last sentence you did not write "without a".


Hey yo. He didnt die. Get a grip. He will be back againa and again ...

Retirement only means you will be seeing much more of Durham than you ever did before he retired.

Its a gimmick.


Forced out by Butch Davis.


As you guys debate over semantics, I simply say that Woody Durham will be missed. Just as no one wanted to follow in Dean Smith's shoes, no one will want to follow in Woody's shoes. He's that big to the Tar Heels on radio.

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