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bball madness

say what you want, but if the bobcats had westbrook then we would be a much better team, westbrook is agreesive young pg and will be good one day..i think its durant fault that he didnt demand the ball..durant need to grow some cahonas..

Downtown Sports

Tom you are correct; it seems there was a brief period when the Suns were running hard where passing the smart ball was becoming cool again. The fad didn't last for most teams, sad to say.

Great to see you writing about some NBA. Keep it up.

Jason Warren

Durant is too much of a pacifist. He is terrified on the big stage. Westbrook is just cocky and arrogant enough and has just enough swagger to want the responsibility of taking a last shot. Durant wants people to think he is trying desperately to get open, but he really isnt.


Spot on Tom. i couldn't agree more.

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