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John W.

His suggestion that we've "only heard one side" on the Usama issue is absurd. Maybe he missed the countless tapes of the terrorist's that described how much he hates America and how his followers should go about slaughtering people like Rashard and his family.

His heart may be in the right place, but he whiffed on this one.

Even Josh Howard is shaking his head, Rashard.


I don't think any amount of homework would change his being an idiot. Equating pampered millionaire athletes with slaves was just the beginning for this moron. Now he reveals himself as a truther. He'd better hope he doesn't have to play in NYC next season.


Oh, and Tom, nobody is saying they should take his Twitter privileges away. He's got the right to say what he thinks.

The only thing is there is no right to be protected against the social and legal consequences of speaking your opinion. You writers need to remember that, too.

John Blake

Marvin Austin says "hi."

the man

when tom speaks...i listen


How is this remotely not going the way it should? Mendenhall hasn't been cut from the Steelers, nor fined by the NFL, nor had any sort of disciplinary action taken. He got cut by Champion because his endorsement was seen to be colored by his comments.

That's the consequences of opening your mouth. If you want to get paid for saying, "Eat at Joe's!" you better be careful what you say in other instances. If you don't care about getting paid, you can say whatever you want.

King Ali

Black men better listen to sister Jill here and this includes this one. This is a topic rarely discussed because it so sensitive but there is no doubt sisters are being dissed and ignored by the black male athletes. This needs to change. We can only look to the White House and brother Obama who married a beautiful intelligent black woman. Even brother Muhammed Ali said it way back.




Was there ever a better slugger not on roids?


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