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John Blake

How about Botch Davis to tOSU?

Beuford T Justice

Gee was only quoting from the "UNC-Chapel Hill Guide to Cheating and Cover-Up; The Carolina Way", Co-Author's Dick Baddour, Holden Thorpe and Butch Davis. Forward by Marvin Austin.


Def not Urban Myer who had to resign as Gator coach over the initial phases of the Newton scandal at UF having recruited him out of HS.


So with Carruth being released from prison for murder soon & the Panthers needing a WR would it be OK to hire him back? Come on now. Whats a lil ole murder or two? He paid his dues & forgiven by the same peeps who still honor ex city leader Rev Walton caught with a jar of vaseline & towel in his trunk doing a male HS student a while back & kept him in office plus even named a govt bld after him. Rev Bob also helped train Rev Eddie in Atlanta.

We believe in the merits of rewarding failure. Our city motto. No crime to big to reward & welcome CN.


Let's see here, Butch Davis essentially gives up on any title hope to sit players rather than risk sanctions and other penalties. Tressel lies to keep his best players on the field and was caught and now he is gone and OSU will most likely face severe penalties.

Yeah, Butch Davis is such a bad guy...not (and this coming from a guy (me) who hates the Tarheels)


Theres a hell of a lot who are morally challenged for sure.

Too bad the Panthers didnt wait. They could have picked up Tressel as new HC who would have worked well with the new QB pick.

Just bring on the sleeze baby ...

Beuford T Justice

Zster, we don't know everything about the UNC case. Just wait until they decide to hand over all of the emails, parking tickets etc. Truth is Davis may or may not have known about anything, but that does not let him off the hook. Not knowing and choosing not to find out are two different things. Whether by his actions or inactions, he has created an atmosphere of non-compliance and "lack of institutional control"


Gee is an embarrassment to University President's with his actions over the past few years. Besides slighting upstart non-BCS conferences with stellar teams like Boise State, by stating they aren't entitled to play on same field like an OSU in a bowl game, his Tressel comments showed his true colors that sport is much bigger than school at The Ohio State University.

Dave Kempert

Tatooes for goodness sakes....Inmates are running the program up there.....Why aren't the players fired....?Ohio State can recruit the best talent in the country and doesn't need to be held hostage by thugs and punks like Terrele Pryor and Ray Small....Tressel made Ohio State relevant again and he'll have his pick of jobs when he chooses to coach again......It's time to put these spoiled brat, immature "athletes" in their place...A few idiots make them all look ignorant and we know that isnt the case....


Inmates are running the program up there? Inmates are running the program everywhere espec in the pros.
Coaches are not coaches anymore but merely figureheads as players run the show. Unions fuck up a wet dream.
Isnt that the same as in the classrooms of urb America where teachers get all the blame for the poor innocent students failings or bad behavior and then get the axe?
Its the bizzarro world where everything is backwards and upside down.
Criminals are victims and the innocent are the guilty.

Doug de la Rotini

I guess it's politically incorrect to call out the players for their role in all of this? Filthy illiterate animals the lot of them.

panthers world

hey doug want you say what you really thinking, you fucking redneck moron.. and to the guy who think tresell will coach another d1 soon, keep dreaming idiot, he is done, he will have to go to the pros or d2 again..he is offically blackball from college football, just like me blame the parents for these kids when they are doing wrong at home and in the street, i blame the coach as well for allowing this crap on your team..i am glad hiss azz got fired, well deserved..



Wow! Speaking of illiterate.


Here we go again. OSU black QB Terelle Pryor tainted with scandal(so what else is new?)and the cause of Tressels downfall and resignation will now drop out and go pro in the supp draft. Scam Newton deja vu?

What happened to badazz coaches like Woody Hayes who took no shit off any fucking body and laid down the law? Oh yea. They are discarded in todays fucked up pc world as "old school" coaches who could interfere with anti-authority thug life starz.

What about Pryors problem with the law and cars too?

Anybody see a trend? These punk mofoz are NOT athletes and destroying any integrity the NFL has left that is on its last leg anyway.

scam city


Whoot there it is. Bushs 2004 USC stripped of NCAA title. Thats 7 yrs later and Bush lost his Heisman after 5 yrs.

Guess whos next?



Not informed enough (imagine that) to know that the Big Ten is far and away the biggest NCAA violators. Probably because the penalties handed down pale in comparison to what they done to southern schools (not just SEC).

By the way, Robert Horry's daughter passed away, isn't it time to write some garbage bashing him again? How is thug Wallace doing anyway?

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