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This is what is wrong with America, in a nutshell, and if I have to spell it out, you ain't part of the solution:

"Git-r-done!" several fans yelled, and Larry flexed. He flexed before the fans yelled, too.

Darius Rucker, who will sing the anthem, was introduced. He attracted almost as much applause as Larry.

The Navy SEALs got a big hand.

But the biggest and most electric occurred when the military was introduced.


Forget what i said. you all have worse problems than sportswriters that don't communicate that SEALS are a part of the US military.

Nosebleed fan

sfinsf, are you a moron with nothing to do at 6 in the morning? And to spend 6 minutes posting 2 comments on one small story? Get a life.


No, the biggest problem with America was when Wayne (blow 'em all away!) LaPierre got a big hand from the assembled rednecks. Guess there was nobody related to the 50,000 that died from needless handgun violence last year at that meeting. How pathetic.

Darius Rucker

sfinsf...guess I'm not part of the solution. Can you enlighten on what the heck you're blabbering about?

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