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Dan Phillippi

Thought of you first when the news came down.

sam ogilvie

"He was a gentleman athlete." I think that says it all! Wonderful column, Tom.


I heard this morning on TV that the player in the MLB symbol is from a photo of him. That's cool !


Just Google 'd about my comment above. Should have done this first !!!
Interview with Mr. Dior.;
His son once heard a radio broadcaster say that Minnesota Twins slugger Harmon Killebrew served as his model for the logo. Mr. Dior's response: "That's completely untrue. It's not Harmon Killebrew. It's not anyone in particular."


... grace dignity respect honor integrity decency courage ...

... long gone from todays filthy rotten spoiled greedy (b)rats ...

... pro sports like America has fallen and that not nostalgia but fact ...

...those who aid and abett this downfall are equally as guilty ...

... the solution begins with the man in the mirror ...

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