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Allen Brawley

I delivered a shirt to Kyle this morning that is a reflection of this weeks events. Find it at ithappens2you,com speeding ticket

Arnold Halperin

I can't comment on any legal charges or penalties, but NASCAR should take this matter very seriously, and impose a stiff penalty. This isn't merely speeding -- he was essentially racing on public roads. As a NASCAR driver, he should be aware of the risks involved in driving a any vehicle at over 100 mph. NASCAR should have a high interest in showing the world that its drivers know the difference between competitive racing (which is done under controlled conditions to maintain reasonable levels of safety) and what happens on public streets. Even if Mr. Busch feels he has the ability to control a car at that speed, as drivers we all have a responsibility to practice safety in order to protect other people on the road. How are other people going to react when a car traveling 128 mph goes by them? Can Mr. Busch predict how other drivers will react?
I feel it would be quite reasonable -- in part to send a message to the entire NASCAR community -- that Mr. Busch be suspended for the remainder of the current season. I know that sounds harsh, but this is far more than a small mistake in judgement.

SC ken

This kid is a "PUNK"! He is a part of what is wrong with NASCAR. I was totally turned off to this immature brat when he destroyed his trophy at Nashville a few years ago. NASCAR should have fined him his entire purse, but did nothing. Obviously, he has not matured and is lucky no one was killed with his stupid speeding stunt. NASCAR needs to take a page from the NFL and deal with "off field" incidents harshly.
Frankly, when this "punk" is leading a race in any of the three series, I turn off the TV!


So, Joe Mama, if everyone else does it, that makes it okay? Also, an interstate is far more ideal for speeding than a two-lane country road.

Tim Peterson

So if I speed and get caught I should be fired from my job because I drive for a living? The two are seperate. If the sponser or Gibbs wants to invoke sanctions that is different, NASCAR has no responsibility in what the drivers do outside the track.


If it wasn't one of the
Busch brothers you wouldn't be writing about it.

Why don't you get a life other than bashing the Buschs every time they goof up.

Kyle will get more attention for getting a speeding ticket than "what's his name" got for a DUI.

Kurt's right. The media whines, screams and crys about the white washed drivers of NASCAR. About the time you get a few that are different, you try to destroy them.

Hypocrite is y'all's middle name.

Don Collins

I hope the judge throws the book at Kyle,if and when he appears in court! If anbody else would have been stopped for that he would have bee in jail in a heartbeat!That speed qualifies as a flagrant violation. I hope his sponsors drop him like a rock.And his boss severly punishes him

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