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I am ok with trading Captain Jack. I appreciated what he did for us, but I don't want to be a team that "just" makes the playoffs. We needed to blow it up to make it younger. Get young like the Thunder did, which is why I like our new GM's approach


I wish him well. He had so much heart.


Need to get rid of the crybabies and whiners. Next step will be to give Diaw the boot. I'll never forget a game last year where he thought he was fouled and proceeded to argue with the ref while the other team had a fast break. Then, of course, he sulked for the next few possessions with lethargic behavior.

Maybe Bismack can replace Diaw.

Scott Silverstein

It was hard to cheer for Stephen Jackson...
He has always been "edgy"..

I am just happy he had no incident with guns and strippers....

Michael Bacon

Trade was best for Jack and for the Bobcats -- making him play the rest of his prime on a team that's rebuilding wouldn't be fair to him. Sorry to see him go, though.


Cut the ass suck. He was a total piece. Good riddence and dont the screen door hit you in the ass on the way out.


Didn't appear to be anymore upside with him on this team and his flaring hamstring injury probably cost us a playoff berth last season. Saw a young Maggette do amazing things live once. Not sure what he has left now but I'm cool with the trade.

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