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Sports blog, eh? More like blogs.emogirl.com, Sorenson.

Jesse Pinkman

Obviously you've never heard of a show called Breaking Bad.

The best show on TV. Season 4 starts July 17.


It has a lot of "who cares" subplots that made me OK that it was just a free weekend from my cable company and I won't see most of the rest of season 4 outside of hotels.


Best show on TV is Justified. Season two ended a few weeks ago, but do yourself a favor and find it on demand or ante up $$$ on itunes. You will not regret it.

Joe Mamma

Modern Family, Breaking Bad, and Big Bang are the only things worth watching on TV.


The best show on television remains to be Entourage. Ari Gold is one of my favorite characters of all time, I'm not sure if anyone has ever made me laugh harder! Final season starts July 24th, hopefully they will change their minds about that.


Six Feet Under -- hands down, the best tv show ever made. If you've never seen it and you're thinking, "it's about a mortuary; it can't be that great," give it a try. You'll be surprised.


Best show on TV is Sons of Anarchy. No show is even close


Best show ever? "The Wire". Best show on right now? Between "Treme'" and "Boardwalk Empire"

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