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bob wave

Amen brother. Women with cell phones and or walking or riding with their friends are the most unaware, discourtious and rude entities in the USA.


I've read a lot about black toe nails etc, but not sure that's my problem. I have a rneurricg issue with the second toe on my left foot. I've gone up a shoe size, wear performance socks, keep my toenails short, and do the special lacing to prevent my foot from sliding forward. I get a regular blister at the very end of my toe (not on the top or bottom) right above the top of my toenail. This toenail continually falls off sometimes turning black first, and sometimes not. The whole end of my toe swells, turns very red and is extremely tender to touch. It throbs, and is tender when walking sometimes preventing me from running for a few days. It seems like I jam the nail which injures the nail bed itself, but I'm not sure it's not the joint in the end of my toe. This issue is hindering my running and I'm preparing for a half marathon in less than a month. I can't afford the setback. Any advise?

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