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GI Joe

Yea whatever nimrod. Bend over America and get ready to give these greedy scab extortionist unionites more billions.
Cable bills going up again as well as gas food and everything else but lets make certain these overpaid egotistical cocky pampered spoiled brat player ratz get more billions off Joe and Sue Public.
Who pays? YOU and YOU and YOU ... Bend over.. Its going in all the way this time...

Boycott these rotten eggs ...

ps. At least they all served their country and protected America ...

GI Joe is nuts

Easy sport...


Really guy?!?! End of the day it's like that Taco Bell incident. Everyone went nuts when they found out it wasn't 100% beef...so what?? It taste great and I enjoy it on the occasion, not gonna stop going. I also enjoy watching football w/ family and friends....so they're making money off me?? So what, it's entertaining (wayyy more than BS reality TV) and I have a great time. Everyone wins...see ya at 1:00


PS, I'll be the guy in the authentic Panthers jersey and cap backwards. Guess I'm gettin "bent over" huh?? Meet me at the concession stand, I'm buyin a round of beers for everyone. We can all cheers to being "bent over"...


GI Joe is right.

Michael Procton

Frivolous decisions? How about the salaries being paid to Gana Diop, Eddie Najera, and Tyrus Thomas?

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