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Tom, I salute you for wading through all the crap many readers post. The internet offers a rewarding opportunity for any idiot to profess his biases and vindictiveness. There are way too many "experts" out here.

miguel stephano

Within 10 yrs the Big Three NFL MBA MLB will go bellyup. Actually they will exist but in much smaller revised formats for local and regional markets only.The worlds #1 sport meanwhile moves up at a torid pace poised to be Americas #1 sport. Much cheaper to play and watch. You chumps better get onboard. The times they are a changin.

Major League Soccer is Poised to Overtake the NHL as the 4th Most ...



4th most popular is a bit of a rigged estimate. The NFL averages 67k per game, and MLB around 20k per game. Does that make the NFL three times as popular? Of course not -- there's only 8 home games a year, as opposed to 81 for MLB.

MLS had 3.6 million seats sold last year. That's great growth, and I hope it continues! But the NHL sold 21 million seats last year. MLS plays 20 some games a year, the NHL plays 82. MLS has 15 teams, the NHL 30.

When MLS moves to a 20 team first tier and a 20 team second tier with promotion and relegation and plays a 35+ game season and still averages 15k+ per game, THEN it will pass the NHL.

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