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I'm a little puzzled by the notoriety this case gets. Roger is facing prison for lying about using steroids, yet how many members of Congress lie on a regular basis as part of their job?


The human arm is not constructed to hurl a 3lb 3" diameter round ball 90' 120 times a game at speeds of 90+ mph not to mention junk. Whipping the arm is dangerous & unhealthy. Thats why so many pitchers resort to junk.

Sandy Koufax the LA Dodger great had to retire due to the unbearable pain he suffered as a fastballer and repeatedly had said his arm was going to fall off. Drysdale had exact probs as did Feller Paige Ryan and Ford among others like Seaver or recents like Randy Johnson Mark Wohlers and Clemens.

Dave Draveky of the SF Giants did throw so hard in the 80s he literally threw his left arm off and it had to be amputated. Many pitchers have useless arms after their careers.

Noone knows the unbearable pain but pitchers themselves. Nothing can describe it. Shots are needed.

Clemens who consistantly threw in the high 90s took shots in his arm for this extreme pain NOT to make the record books. Its that simple.

One thing NEVER covered by idiot sports writers is how roids for pitchers and hitters are 180 degree the exact opposite. Apples and oranges.

Home run hitters who cheat are in ZERO pain. They shoot for entirely opposite reasons as pitchers and should not even be put in the same catagory.

This topic needs investigation and scrutiny in the bigger sports mags like SI and other media. Long time coming. Clemens needs to be exonerated.


How many congressmen do you know that have lied under oath, Doc? Just checking.

steve, he's not being tried for using steroids. It was a violation of the rules and a stupid choice, but the problem here is that he lied about it under oath.

yo mama

"I think I'm the only one who doesn't believe NFL owners and players and NBA owners and players are greedy.

Answer: You get A on the owners but F on the players. Thats a C average. You were prob a C student anyway.

What would you do if it were your livelihood? "

Answer: Rhetorical? Get a life. Get out of anything "pro". Get a real job. Get an education. Get rid of the suck bighead punk ego BS. Get rid of the greedy cocky BS. Unjoin unions. Humble yourselves. Join the military or reserves. Defend your country. Be civil. Cut criminal activity. Stay out of strip joints. Stay away from illegal drugs. Stop trying to fuck over everyone since we know who picks up the tab in the end and its NOT the owners. Its not like people dont notice. They are taking notes. It wont be long now...


An understanding of semantics could help. Was Clemens lying ? Lying means lying for the reasons the questions were posed and he wasnt. Read transcript.
He was never asked if he used for medical reasons but rather the questions posed by the idiots insinuated otherwise for non-medical reasons as home run hitters did to enhance body size and muscle mass to go lawn. No brainer.

i.e. Bonds and Sosa went from skinny 90 lb weakling status lead off single hitters to 250 lb body builder status hitting 450 ft frozen ropes. Clemens was always the same size flab pot belly chub his entire career. Shots only helped heal a badly damaged arm. Nothing else. He started throwing 97 mph and ended throwing 97 mph.
Great pitchers are way too proud and secretive to allow others to know of their excruciating pain and medical treatment to relieve it especially in the roid age when people get the wrong impression. Cortizone shots are common. Anything to stop the pain.


Greedy is defined as an excessive desire for money, et al. The owners are greedy; the players want all they can get. Individual players are greedy, but as a group, they aren't excessive, imo.


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I am endlessly shekcod at how little I care about this issue. It is a game, some people take what may be legal drugs to do better. Why should I care?Perhaps I mean why should the government care?What's really wacky is unions representing people earning millions of dollars. What's up with that? I thought unions were supposed to help the poor working slobs from big evil business (irony).


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