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fight union scabs

Listen up America: What happens next is to BOYCOTT these slimey union thugs stealing more billions.

Todays greedy pro athlete union swine is trying to jack up the public up for more billions for their greedy selves in the worst ever economy.

Stop trying to take advantage of Obama being in the WH as you are only damaging him and making him a one termer. Thats what the NFL and NBA conspriracy was up too from the gitgo as never has 2 pro leagues went on strike at the same time.

Organized extortionism and rape soaking the American masses already in debt over 100 trillion counting everything with a real 20% unemployment rate.


Just play ball

Fight union scabs, dude get a grip.
When the tv contracts are negotiated which drives up cable, satellite, tickets costs etc. who is negotiating them? the NFL owners. SO it goes both ways. Boycott your self but im getting back to watching football when they resume.

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