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Angry millionaires? lol

Face it. This is not the same pro sports as it once was. Beijing 2008 track and field was proof. Terrible.

Its all turned ugly and gone bad. Todays pro athletes couldnt carry the jock strap of even those 10-20 yrs ago plus zero integrity.

Its become a wasted haven of tatooed dreded criminals thugs punks thieves extortionists inferior athletic skills ... etc
College sports not much better but at least its still amatuer.

Face the music. The leagues need to be cleansed and revamped. Owners have to take charge. Outlaw union swine. America cant afford it anymore.



"tatooed dreded criminals thugs"?

Very subliminal, pal. Do us all a favor and stop posting before you embarrass yourself anymore.

As for the "deal" offered, the players need to stick together and reject it. This is clearly (and I mean clear from EVERY major reporter who has seen the document) a power play by the owners to make it seem like they are "trying to work it out". However, they included things never discussed or agreed to with the players.

In other words, the owners, led by the Big Cat (ashamed he owns the team I root for) is trying to show up the players and shift the blame. I guarantee you the owners wouldn't sign a 500 page document drawn up by the players and sent to them late at night if it contained clauses that were never discussed during negotiations.


The players need to decide whether they are partners with the owners in the NFL, or are they employees? As partners, they need to understand that the business comes first. If camp does not start soon and they lose exhibition games,owners lose money but so do players. They get 48% of TOTAL revenue. Lost exhibition game comes to $250 mil.,thats roughly $3mil.per team per game.That means the salary cap will be adjusted by that amount.

The players need to leave the "us versus them" mentality behind. They are all in this together now. It has been proven that the owners did not add provisions not bargained for, but merely insisted that time was of the essence in order to save the exhibition season. Too bad the players never took advantage of their free education in college or they would understand the difference between partners and employees.


Pitiful, pitiful move by the owners, and this move has Jerry Richardson's grubby fingers all over it. The smug look on his face at the ratification announcement was enough to tell the story. After most of the progress in negotiations being made after Richardson was kicked out of the room, now he tries to pull a fast one in the 11th hour. Sad.


Quality is nowhere what it used to be in the NFL or NBA for sure. No great players. No Superstars. Wantabes only.


I love how the "union" dissolves, then sues, and now the players all of a sudden are "united" again without reformation of the union.

Pure fraud on the part of the players and that pipsqueak jackass DeMaurice Smith.

The owners have their moments, but the players have done nothing to praise them for either. At this point, THEY are holding up the process.


The union is pure low life trash. Pigs and rodents.
Owners need to sweep out all this filth and reload.
DeAngelo Williams is a total punk to say what he did on FB. Typical of all these brats.


Does it take a rocket scientist to know that a CBA can only be ratified by a union? What are players waiting for? They get upset because owners won't lift lockout until union ratifies agreement? The players want to come in without union being recertified. The law says owners violate anti-trust laws if they deal with players individually. If deal is what you want then recertify union. Smith wants no union since all he knows is sue,sue,sue. He can't sue if there's a union to speak for players. Players are being duped alright, but not by owners.


High school college and pros need to ban all facial hair tattos and dredlocks as vulgar offensive and clean up this mess in todays society especially where sports are concerned. Its way out of hand.

There are those will say oh please leave them alone its freedom of expression blah blah blah ... Total BS. They are a bad influence on youth.

Take a look at criminal thugs arrested on a daily basis and find one clean shaven non-dreded non-tattoed non-baggy in the group. Look in jail cells and its the same.

This is why many public and private schools are requiring standards of good grooming and dress nationwide to try to solve the problem.

Time to clean it all up. Start with sports. Set a good example. Young kids all look up to athletes. They need good examples to follow NOT the thug look.

Call it subliminial in reverse.

SC Ken

To ncaa-well said!


yea. too bad these morons are the problem rather than the solution. stupid gambling punk self centered barkley "i am not a role model" started it all with freakshow homo sicko tatto rodman who married himself.
and they wonder whats wrong?


At a time when many of us are working harder than ever, for less money than ever, many without jobs,these players disgust me! I would rather see bad football from bad players any day. Send in the replacements!!!

king charleston sc

Obama who is locked in a debt ceiling crisis currently 15 trillion in the hole has been president for just over 2.5 years. Isnt it odd and coincidental that TWO pro leagues with the NFL and NBA occur both strike together with their unions to extort more reparations from the owners?

Are people supposed to just be ignorant to this fact and not notice espec when Obama is 100% pro radical union socialist and even had his govt officials shut down the opening of the N Charleston Boeing plant that is anti-union in the GREAT anti-union state of South Carolina thus preventing 1000s of new jobs from occuring?

Dont these idiots in their greedy commie unions understand in their get more billions quick extorionist scheme scam that it is the wrong time to be extorting from Americas masses with new tv cable deals and higher prices?

Do they really think Obama could help them steal more billions in a catch 22? And dont try to allege politics or who is in the WH has nothing to do with this. When Obama loses in 2012 the union scam artists can look in the mirror for someone to blame and the new president and Congress will disband all pro sports unions permanently.

All union players will be fired and replaced in all 3 major leagues after Jan 2013. Big changes coming.

bronco fan

Broncos Cox allegedly drugged his rape victim.


mike in sc

Typical union scum damaging jobs in America like Boeing dosent pay its workers? SC to be commended for fighting these bastards. Congress up next. Goddam all union slime.


local reporter guy

YIKES. Thats a HUGE story on the high profile NFL Broncos cornerback union member Perrish Cox who was a top round pick out of Oklahoma St 2 yrs ago as we all know. We are talking a felonious possible life sentence if convicted.

So we yet have another MAJOR criminal rape case involving a professional athlete who drugged his victim and was possibly even gang raped by another player? Why is it being covered up by the CO and other media?

Dont answer. We are going from bad to worse rather quickly.

national flubberball league

Like they say for every cockroach you see theres 50 more you dont ...


Hey Tom,

I see that the racists and tinfoil hat brigade have found a home in your blog...call the Orkin Man!


Whoot there is. The trusty ole infamous BS card since we know those losers too ignorant and ill-educated to argue their point always resort to this scare tactic. Check yo mirror. The smeller is always the feller. Cut down on the pinto beans and enchalatas.


Chase Bank close my account with no exnalpation. Chase told me that it's the bank decision to close your account. Chase held my funds for three weeks. Very disappointed and frustrated. Chase even held my direct deposit too. I've open new account in credit union. Let's join together and be heard.

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