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Hey Tom, did the Panthers forget to pack the Wide Receivers on the plane?

I told you we still needed a DT, a CB, a RG, a dominant Split End. Well, this is what we get to look forward to in 2011, isn't it?

Eric Swanson

Hey Tom....Newton should be named the starter.....really?????


Better said 2 WR cuz smith maybe not here next year and we did not find the 2nd one ever since 2005 its a shame.So we need DT,DE,2X CB,2X WR,RG. looking for a WR 7 years

Ken Remley

A few things...where is the super-imposed markers for 1st down? how long did Davis stay on the field? whare was the new offensive philosophy "aggression, throwing down field and moving quickly to huddle, then to the line of scrimmage?
The yardage indicators on my screen (top right corner) were too slow to appear. No mention of Smith's absence during the Game and didn't realize Davis was gone until the middle of the line became porous. I guess when you only have the ball on offense for 7 minutes in the half, you probably want the moment to last as long as possible?
Ken R


Isn't it about time to delete this article?


Newton reminds me of someone else that only wanted to run the ball and had a hard time throwing to receivers.

He seems to favor his left when he had Williams on the right open twice that I seen. He cannot throw the ball down the field--he overthrows too much.

I know one thing--stop with the Newton hype--we have other players and all we hear is Cam and I am sick of the guy. My Cam hype patience is going going gone!


If only they could split the NFL/AFC awards You've meitnoned several times that AJ's athleticism has bailed out an errant throw or 5 from Dalton, and I remember being stunned at one interception that was thrown to him the result of him getting not one hand on the ball and not just a second bite at the apple, but a third shot at making the catch and falling short, the last tip going into the arms of a player on the opposing defense. My jaw was agape. Few players have the agility and object-tracking capacity to get a second go at a ball, so a third (each occurring almost 4-5 feet from the previous touch) go at it was, to me, demonstrative of the ability which has set Marvin giddy.But Dalton has started every game so far this season. He's led comeback drives (usually starring #18) for wins or what would have been at least a tie but for referee interference or, less frequently, a loss. Few in Cincinnati would have bet to see a redhead on the sidelines this year who, instead of sitting down glumly while the defense was on the field, worked the sideline clapping and shouting like a cheerleader (a Ben-guy?), whose confidence has not only affected the play of others but to the extent that their awe of his demeanor can be read on their faces during interviews.The Ravens and Steelers both have been taken aback at his level of play at this stage in his career. Unlike A.J., they can't bring safety help over to double cover him (or triple, as the need might require). Unlike Cam Newton, there's no QB spy watching for the run, effectively adding a guy in coverage. But only one of these teams was talked about as going 0-16 (by a former Bengal QB no less). AJ should definitely be in the discussion, and the volume will probably depend how his last games go. But he's exactly as advertised. In the NFL.com re-draft, Dalton went #2 overall. Not exactly like finding a Picasso at a garage sale, but much closer to it than buying a van Gogh and it turning out to be the last he ever painted.

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