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have you never heard of WESLEY WALLS?!!!

Joel Shores

For us TRUE Panther fans, we need to think like this. Otah, Williams, Davis were out last year. These are Pro Bowl type players. We had no one opposite of Steve Smith but basically, this is the same team that went to the playoffs 2 years ago minus Jake. If we can get the QB position fixed a WR can set up and the defense can hold its on, why shouldn't we be excited???


JD. We should be excited. There are some issues though. 4 months without practice, a shaky corner situation, brand new coaches and a new offense. I expect great things from this crew, but we are months behind veteran teams and possibly years behind growing into our talent.


Having Davis back isn't going to be enough to stop the run. Hopefully the two rookies and Edwards can help out on that - but at the end of the day if you can't stop the run you are in trouble. We gave up a lot of yards last year on the ground and we don't have any of the DTs we had last time we were in the playoffs. I like our DEs - but our DTs have something to prove. If they play well - then get excited...

chris p

beason is enough to stop the run when healthy.

Original Panther Dan

Dominator...scratch the Edwards talk cuz he's likely done for the season. Hope a FA DT falls this way cuz they'll need one. Badly.

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