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In other news, Tom didn't receive a bid from any of the frats he rushed during college...


Jorts, Tevas, braided belt, and gold chain = College Tom's attire


I supposed you did, Kyle? How many pink Lacoste shirts do you own, Kyle? I bet you still pop the collar on them too don't you?


What kind of man doesnt own a pair of khaki pants?


I feel like I was just hazed by reading this worthless article.


I agree that far too many times, hazing has gotten way out of hand. There have been way too many horror stories of people dying, being injured or severely emotionally scarred by out-of-control hazing tactics. But Jack Del Rio is at the other extreme, way too uptight. The taping of rookies to goal posts is harmless. It's just something to liven up the monotony of training camp.

Yes, cut out the extreme hazing. But cut out the extreme backlash too.


DonDefore must have been Tom's freshman college roomate. Neither recieved bids.


Popping collars is definitely not fratty....

Bro Jackson

Cam Newton: TFM


There is no type for fraternities, they accept all kinds. Tom sounds like a guy bragging about how he doesn't own a TV set.
So that makes him better then the rest of us who do.

I joined a fraternity 23 years ago, and was recently rewarded with free suite tix from a brother while on a business trip to Buffalo. Got to see Jake play true to form in luxury. Well worth the minor humility lesson all those years ago.

Hazing has many level of intensity which in todays PC world gets all lumped together. You never hear a NFL vet whine about getting taped years later, they laugh about it.

Plus the Jags are not a shining example of a team that rallies together when the season is on the line. Maybe they should reconsider their team building strategy.


pretty stupid comment there, Tom... Maybe you should write another worthless column on the make-up of "the type" that join fraternities or any other organization for that matter. I'm still surprised at how anyone that writes for a paper, during their struggling times, could write a line even slightly derogatory towards anyone...


Tom couldn`t hack it in a frat,his attitude would do him in....it`s all about being part of a group,not being an indvidual.So what if you had to do some crazy stuff,big deal!Goodness knows,I did enough push ups and sit ups during my pledgeship to stay in shape for years!Imagine Tom Sorenson in a toga,circa 1978.......NOT

Tom P

Not sure what Simon is talking about....must be sarcasm b/c popping collars is about as fratty as it gets.


This column is fine until you read the dumbass juvinile comments from the posters here. Kind of like 16 year old khaki wearing
cheer boys.

Borat Sagdiyev

Stupid Fucking Article WOW!!

ben dover

ohhh no! taping people to a goal post, how demeaning!!

thats not hazing. thats football practice with teammates getting in a good laugh after 2.5 hours of pain and hustle.

fraternity or no fraternity, this is a worthless article.


Tommy...it is ashame you never were a part of anything


A) What professional man DOESN'T own a pair of Khakis? It's kind of the "go to" thing for anything business casual

B) Taping the rookies to a goal post is hardly "hazing"...being told duck walk back and forth picking up pieces of trash in the middle of Bangladesh during the rainy season? THAT'S hazing lol

GO Panthers! :)


Seriously, no khaki's? and you call yourself an adult?

and no hazing? are you kidding me? I'm sure Gabbert would have been sooooo sad if someone gave him a bad haircut.

I live in 2011 where my generation is full of pu$$ys because most of them think they will get a trophy just for showing up(little league), hazing most of these brats is a good thing.

Where do you live? Plesentville?


FYI, for those of you knocking frats. My pledge brothers are still my best friends - I've been in 2 of their weddings and I got my current job through the help of one of my fraternity brothers. Oh, and I don't own a Lacoste shirt, I have never popped my collar, and I love to hunt and fish. So there goes your sterotypes.....


Damn, Kyle! You got your current job through your bro and you still don’t make enough coin to buy LaCoste shirts? What kind of chump job did he set you up with? Are you one of those dudes out there holding the Stop and Go signs in the street while the real men do all the work? Well, anyway, it may not be much but at least you’re making minimum wage and not sitting around waiting for a hand-out at the welfare office.


anytime someone refers to money as coin, I know im gonna be in for a laugh


look at all the frat boys coming out. its funny you bash him because he made a comment about not owning khakis. some people would rather be there own person than pay for friends and hang around a bunch of dudes wearing shirts with whales and alligators on them. get over it. so the guy made a comment.


what a GDI. what we know about Tom after reading this article: he wears cargo shorts. he loves ultimate frisbee. and enjoys sitting on his thumb during the weekends. i am upset that i will never have the time back in my life i just wasted reading this terrible terrible article. thanks gdi tom.


I agree about hazing. Its stupid. Also against frat houses. Its nothing but drunkenness and not individual thinking or freedom. Its more like being in a pack of rabid animals.

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