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Never understood fraternities... it's like paying people to be your friends. "Ok, you can be friends with us, if you pay your dues..." Lol, whatever floats your boat, I guess.


Tom, to not have a pair of khakis in your closet is ridiculous. what, you wear nothing but jeans at work (I am sure you only own them in black, mr brucespringsteenwannabe). What else? sweatpants? that's the casual list? gimmeabreak.


Financial aspects aside (since that is the bovious meaning to the phrase), the phrase Pledges must pay their dues to become a member really raises the question of what dues are we asking them to pay? As a sorority member, I've heard this phrase from other organizations (athletics to Greek Life) and am amazed by the things organizations ask of their new members or recruits. Recruitment is a mutual selection process and why should you ask your new members to do things that you, yourself wouldn't want to do? Going through new member education is like taking an additional class because of all you have to learn about the organization both nationally and locally, historically and in the present. That alone is stressful, but making them give more than their required financial contribution and time to learn about the organization is an unequal distribution. We all pay dues in the organization equally. The new members are paying additional dues in essence by learning about the organization that we as members don't have to pay because we have paid our time that way already. This leads to other excuses such as We've always done it that way, and Everyone before us had to do it, or It's tradition, but that will come up later.


Dec09Cody Silagyi An amazing altrcie truly we were all blessed to have witnessed Sean on and off the field. His life has become such a testimony of the power of Christ and how He can transform lives for His glory. We can all thank God that Sean was a member of the Redskins.


If a Candidate agrees to live by our ildeas and is to be considered a man of honor, then he should in fact respect our history by learning it, respect our house by participating in chapter wide house clean ups, respect the active members who live our ildeas and work hard to keep our chapters operating, and respect himself by not imbibing to immature levels.


Nov30Jennifer Such a wonderful piece of wnriitg! Sean Taylor was and will always be the reason I'm such a diehard Skins fan. I will proudly wear #21 forever. Gone,never forgotten,every bit of his life cherish able!


questo gioco una figata coavlo !!bella anche la grafical'unica cosa che trovo triste sono le persone che continuano inevitabilmente ha lasciare commenti idioti e antipaticise una console non piace basta non venire su questo forum..ma evidentende nella vita non hanno altro da farepoveretti


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