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John Fox did fail as coach last season. Coaches get paid to make winners.

pean appst88

Good to see Armanti on the field making plays !- Also thought he had the db beat on the td pass , that was a little strong by Cam


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Haven't seen one of the regular posters from the "AE is a bust " fan club. Note to haters. He can play. Chud has a whole package for him at qb. Go AE !!


I agree with Krusshall. John Fox did fail. He never made necessary adjustments, made the same comments time after time, and didn't give young players enough opportunity.


It would be nice if fans would stop booing Clausen. He doesnt deserve it. In some ways, the same thing happened to Edwards. Fox didn't want to bother developing him either. Win , lose, or draw, based on last nights performance, the games will be a lot more fun to watch. By the way, OLSEN IS A BEAST!!!!!!


Got to agree with Krusshall - Fox DID fail. If I'm a high priced salesman for a corporation and its my job to make sales and help keep the business afloat and I don't do that, then I'm a failure and I'd expect to be fired - as John Fox and Jeff Davidson deserved to be.

This crap about Fox not being responsible for his own team is a bunch of bunk. And don't give me "Richardson tied his hands" . . . Fox's failures were his own doing. . . Denver will soon find that out.


I agree with Demisfit -- quit booing Clausen. Peyton Manning would have had a middling passer rating in last year's offense.

I'm not really sold on Clausen, but booing him isn't helping.


Agreed. Stop booing Clausen. I hated the pick when the Panthers made it and I don't think he has what it takes to start in this league. However, there is no class in booing the kid. He got stuck in a miserable situation last year and is in an even worse one this year (with Cam being taken as the obvious future of the franchise).

But booing him is just rude and classless. Boo Hurney, that guy deserves it.


I think it's way to early but i feel that the panthers are fast and a team that really wants to prove the coach and owner right about resigning our key players, even after a down year. to let them know hey you can play in the NFL if you play together. the fact that the players on the sidelines were into the game "was fun to see".


@ AEisnotabust

first off, AE does look a lot more comfortable on the field this season and his skills are beginning to take shape. that said, hes still far from being a go to guy or even a decent 3rd WR option. he had a couple of decent punt returns but nothing above average. he also dropped as many passes as he caught. i do think we will see him score a TD on a punt return and he could earn a "devon hester" type reputation on special teams if he continues to improve but fact is hes nothing more than an average NFL WR/PR at this point but i do hope he continues to improve.


Here's an article from the Denver Post about John Fox. They readily admit that he doesn't have the football knowledge of Coach McDanields, but he is more grown up, which they think will make the team win more games. The end of the article sums it up....football knowledge (X's and O's) doesn't win games as much as maturity and the players liking you. Idiots. http://www.denverpost.com/kiszla/ci_18682645


Why boo anybody, this is our team. They need to know we are on their side. They will get enough boos when they play the other teams.


Where are all the Cam Naysayers now ? Didn't give him a chance like the press and so called experts like Mike Mayock. He has done everything right so far. I am sure the Naysayers will be the first to buy his jersey. Pathetic fans ! You'll all be eating your words in a year or two.


Newton is solid. Solid guy all the way around - and he has a great arm. Randall Cunningham or Steve Young? Take a pick he can be as good as either one if he stays healthy and keeps the solid attitude and work ethic he has now. Clausen can be a starter in this league and will get that chance when his contract is up here. However - this year the Panthers need to start Anderson. Newton can take over next year with Clausen backing him up. Anderson is likely one and done here - since he will be a top QB target for other teams after this season again.


Bottom line is we have three good QBs - one has pro-bowl experience on a scrub team. Think about this - the Browns with a Pro-Bowl QB??? Not since Kosar... I know he had issues the last few seasons - the Browns drafted home town fav Brady Quinn to replace him after he made the pro-bowl. Then the Browns running game and O-line went to crap and he lost Winslow to injury and then the Bucs... And Edwards got real cocky and started flaking out. When the Browns had Winslow, Edwards and Anderson they had something special and it all got messed up...

The O-line in AZ was bad last year and they don't have much for running either... And they lost Boldin after Warner retired. Anderson was in another bad situation. This year - he has a great o-line, running game plus Steve Smith and two great TEs. If AE and LaFell develop then lookout - Anderson could make Newton trade bait - and Newton is going to be a star! I wanted the Panthers to trade for Anderson after the Browns drafted Quinn... Isn't it great to know we have two QBs who are BETTER than Jake ever was! And I think Clausen is going to be good too - just give him some time - but he really needs to be #3 on the Panthers.


once the Panthers start winning regular season games it is going to be fun watching the band wagon load up... I have them finishing 9-7 - or better. I know - all the posers will dog me out for my comments but every year a team that scrubed the year before breaks out with a nice year. Do your homework - the only issues the Panthers have is a tough division and youth. Every move they have made this year has been solid. The draft was solid. FA period solid. New coaches are solid. A couple bad breaks on injuries - otherwise they are gearing up for a run.


Looks like Hurney might have the last laugh on all the fans who think he doesn't know anything.... Look at the draft two years ago now: Clausen, LaFell, Edwards, Norwood, Hardy, Gettis, Pugh, Pike, Stanford, McClain - are you kidding me! Pike is the odd man out because we are loaded at QB but those first seven picks are sick and the last two could be special too.

John Fountain

Nevdog I was a Cam nasayer. He has done and said all the right things .. I have been converted I think he will be a great one …Also…Please stop booing Jimmy,,,Last season was not all his flat.When a fan knows that third and 8 will be a draw play they are not fooling any D in the NFL….


Newton barely completed 40% of his passes! He can't do anything but chuck up a deep jump ball and cross his fingers.


Phillip Rivers sucks. But calling Peyton Manning a bitch? Let's see Cam Newton make 200+ civtecusone starts, win a superbowl, win an mvp, etc. etc. College is a whole different ball game then the pros. You start getting into real athletes, and that sort of racism, then we should get into the lack of intelligence of these playmakers. I guess it's a good thing to be stupid, ignorance is bliss. Don't be racist bro, if you study ur history, thank slavery for REAL athletes.


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