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Alexander Wolf

I am from Austria ... love to hear that the offense works with both jimmy and cam ... hopefully that translates into the regular season .. GO PANTHERS!!!


Cam Newtons pass to Barnidge was actually a touchdown. Once barnidge caught it he ran all the way. It appeared to be for a least 70 yards!!


Here's hoping that's indicative of Chud's offense more than our weak secondary.


Hey Alexander
I'm from Switzerland! Greetings to Austria! Longtime Panthers fan here. I'm excited for the upcoming season also..:)

Hope Full

Welcome to all our European Panthers fans. I'm getting excited about this offense that our new coaching staff has put in!! Let's go Panthers!!


The Panthers have never had this much optimism ... at least that I can remember.


...And I'm from Tanzania (East Africa). Hello Panthers Nation. From what i have heard/read, there are more TDs than last year's Fan Fest. Still a bit worried about our DB though....CAN'T WAIT!!!


Nice group hug from aroumd the world!

Welcome and Go Panthers!


And another Panther fan here in Australia. G'day to all from down under. Sure looking forward to a huge year for the Carolina Panthers. Smith to be back to his best no doubt.

Raed Z

Hi all from Saudi Arabia (since it's International Fan Day!! :) )

Can't wait for the season to start.

whatever dude

Watson, go take your meds and relax. Someone's being a little too skitzo this morning listening to that voice in their head...


I think Watson needs a little more than meds and relaxation, whatever dude! A one-size-fits-all jacket might be necessary.


Good day to all! We are the world!.It's great to hear we have an international following. I have acknowledged a local, regional and somewhat national buzz, now to know that buzz "travels" the world, is sweet music.


Wish I was back in Charlotte! This will be the first season I won't be able to go to the games, Need to work so I am in Shanghai PRC. It seems things are getting pretty exciting with the panthers. Love the new look with TE and attacking style!


Nice to see all these folks here from all over. I'm born and raised in Charlotte and also hope for some exciting offensive game plans this year. Run, run, pass, punt has been awfully boring. Need to find a QB to run an offense though. GO PANTHERS!


I used to live in Munich Germany. Back in NC now.The main thing with Carolina is that Cam has brought excitement. He has what no other quarterback ever had..he is big and strong.

In fact NC has the two tallest quarterbacks in the league right now.

With lameduck Fox gone the Panthers will strive.


Hello I'm from Mars, we have been watching the humanoid we crafted Cameron Newton carefully for a long time. His journey was long and took extreme dedication from our solar exploration group but had certainly paid off! We will continue to modify Cameron's UI and try to send an even more improved firmware before his journey to the next level NFL.

Good luck,



Panthers fan in Brazil!!!! Agreeing with everyones excitement about our new offense!

Go Panthers!!!!


As usual a bunch of cowpiles fans being redneck on here. They can't help it though, becaus there momma is there older sister and there daddy is a Bigfoot. Can't blame them for reading and posting here, who want's to now anything about the cowpiles or Dallas? Just a smelly bunch.


Hard work is paying off for young Panther team.


Kristie Gonyea

Another fan in Germany! Ready for the season to start!

Dame Purr

Ron Mexico

I'm from Mexico, I hang drywall for the panthers....Go Panthers

Air Force Airman

Navy Career, don't you have some taters to peal? If you had any class, you'd be honoring the fallen Seals, not being an ass on a blog that's excited about the posibilities of our team.

Original Panther Dan

Love to hear the offense making strides. Hope DL and CB play don't hinder the Cats. Oh, while it's not nearly as exotic as some other locales listed here, hello Panther fans from Richmond, VA!

Borat Sagdiyev

I'm from a kazakhstan, my name a Borat Sagdiyev. My sister #1 prostitute in all of kazakhstan. Go Panthers

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