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Cam is probably not a Navy Seal because the NFL pays more. By the way, I'm glad he is the Panther's quarterback and not a Navy Seal.


I found Bruwyn in the bushes near home, so he was eehitr a lost kitten from a feral mother wandered off or somebody's abandoned kitten. I think he was just tossed out for someone to find because he was far too friendly and clingy to me.Myst was part of a semi-feral litter and pack/colony at our friend's place up in Tomball. She was the friendliest and snuggliest of the bunch.-ls/cm


Ms.Dinelli, if you research very caelufrly, the press has been attacking the New Black Panther Party, referring to them as being racist, since The National Day of Action was announced. Two weeks ago Bill O'Rielly did a piece related to it. The Tea Party was referred to as racist because certain members were holding up signs and other symbols depicting the President as a monkey along with other racially offensive material.


Our ground is comomn only if you are a Panthers fan. Reasonable people can disagree on the war in Iraq, the county sales tax and the governor's race. But, on some questions, there is only good and evil.


wooooow! magari ti copmri una xbox, magari giochi solo a giochi in cui devi uccidere e profanare il nemico, magari ti disiscrivi da wiitalia, e magari ti iscrivi ad un forum di xbox! vacacare. MENO MALE che esistono ancora giochi come "A Boy and His Blob"


ringrazio ma non sono giornalista (e simaeucrnte non di riviste tecnologiche, ch non ne capisco una mazza).amo i videogiochi e mi piace condividerne la passione (passo pi tempo sui forum che a giocare); ho scritto qualche recensione in passato ma per piccoli siti gestiti da amici.al momento i miei due lavori (purtroppo come praticante legale, qui al sud, non si vede un centesimo, diventa necessario un altro impiego part time per sopravvivere) non mi consentono di dedicarmi alle recensioni come vorrei.in ogni cao, sto giusto scrivendo uno speciale su questi primi anni di vita del wii (ma da un punto di vista sociologico, pi che videoludico) partendo dai commenti e dalle osservazioni della comunit di wiitalia.vi far sapere se lo pubblicano.


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nettamenente surepiore alla media dei giochi attuali x wii, ma nettamente inferiore alle controparti nextgen (graficamente parlando).le texture di mostri e ambienti sono inguardabili (persino quelle precalcolate sono talvolta senza AO o GI), le geometrie low-low-low poly roba da PS1.se avr ancora la wii lo comprer perch mi piacciono i giochi cos , ma non lo osanner come la manna dal cielo come i fanboys che a furia di vedere giochetti fumettosi perdono di vista che tecnologicamente siamo nel 2008.diciamo che se le potenzialit del wii sono proprio tutte qui forse meglio davvero che escano solo i giochi fumettosi popolati di mii.


Not to be cliche', but if you are bored in Charlotte then you are prbbloay a boring person. There is more than enough to keep a visitor entertained on a weekday, let alone a weekend. And really, I would even disagree with the 11:13 anon who has gone to "all the places" around the city; the more I explore different parts of town the more I realize that it's beyond any on person to regularly do everything the city has to offer. There are clubs like the Milestone hidden away in random locations, new restaurants constantly opening in Uptown and Dilworth, golf in every corner of the county, indie movies at the Manor and Ballantyne, conventions, an unbeatable pool hall in Elizabeth, events like Live After Five on a regular basis... the list goes on and on.This might not be Miami just yet, but anybody who chooses hotel cable over College Street deserves to be bored.


I think once the Epicentre entertainment cmleopx opens on College Street, the museums and new theater at the new Wachovia cmleopx are built (and maybe the Nascar HOF, if thats your thing), the new Knights stadium, and the new center city park will change the way people perceive downtown Charlotte. Even light rail will help, because then people can take the train to South End. There will be a lot more things to do for a business visitor and I cannot wait until all of these projects are done! As a resident of Charlotte I will definately use them myself.


One big rule: Be considerate of orehts. This rule is comprised of many smaller ones:Talk quietly on your cell phone, or not at all.Stay out of the way of the entry/exit doors. Don't shove or brush people as you go by. Don't bring food or drink that even has the possibility of a spill.Don't take up more than one seat if you can avoid it. Don't try to pull or hold open the doors. Keep an eye on your things; in this day and age an abandoned package may be treated as a bomb.People really do want to be comfortable, so try to look, sound and smell like you belong in public.


I wish people could be more civil. If you want to egange in a productive and lively discussion, you must use "reasonable person" standards when responding. I'm disappointed there were so many posts deleted by the Blog Admin because most journalists have pretty liberal standards regarding what is acceptable, so these posts must have been pretty out of bounds. Come on, people, can't we just be civil? That isn't a difficult standard to achieve.


, the food and drink thing is not a point of etiquette, but an atuacl CATS rule. You just can't take food and drink on the train. Period. Personally, I think it's a mistake as some people just won't ride the train if they can't drink a coffee or a Coke (especially when it's particularly cold or hot). But theoretically it should help to keep the trains cleaner and keep costs down. Whether this was the right call remains to be seen.


Posted on Internet Jabber is just Internet Jabber. From a writing siptdaonnt, they kind of blew their wad with that trick already. I took it as tongue in cheek too. And I'm going to leave it at that, because then that way, no matter what happens, it's a surprise.Remember the internet, being a finite amount of monkeys, will never get you Shakespeare, but you will get every possible permutation of every possible lame plot twist applied to every possible genre show, real and imagined. Which is often more fun than Shakespeare.

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