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Nosebleed fan

At least he is entertaining everyone at camp...

All joking aside, it sounds like he is going to be the starter sooner rather than later. I dont think Clausen has changed. If the first option is not open, it's gonna be a pick or sack.


he be starting week 1

Original Panther Dan

He sounds entertaining at least, which is more than can be said of the offense last year, which was absolutely painful to watch. Vick struggled with accuracy and decision-making early in his career, and look at him now. Hopefully it won't take Cam as long to 'figure it out', so to speak, and we can watch him dazzle for 10 years, hopefully making Carolina a perennial contender, and even win a couple of Super Bowls.

Just thinking

At this point, it's all about time. I believe he is going to be good, just have to give him time.

Vinny T.

I can do the ol' razzle dazzle and then take a nap.

Kerry C, yea that one

Holla at cha man, I am free.


He was fun to watch on and off the field at Auburn this past year.I am a panthers fan now.War Damn Panthers!


Let me see ? Brett Farve and the Packers
Tom Brady and the Patriots
Manning and the Colts
Cam and the Panthers !!! Hell Yeah !!


Let's go Panthers !!!!!!


10-6... play-offs... who knows how far!


LOL. Anyone who thinks this team is making the playoffs is delusional. They're going to be substantially better than last year, but the division is stacked. Have more than two teams in one division ever made the playoffs before? Is it even possible?

I could envision the Panthers finishing third in the division, but second or especially first is a huge stretch.

Real Panther

Really?! Seahawk made the playoffs with a below .500 record.


seahawks were in a TERRIBLE division compared to the NFC South


As Kenny said, Seahawks only made the playoffs because they won their division. A snowball has a better chance in Hell than the Panthers do of winning the NFC South. Atlanta and New Orleans are just too good.

Put the Panthers in the NFC West and I'd say they'd be a contender for the playoffs. NFC South? No way.

Brian St. Pierre

Marty, please stop calling me. I told you I am unavailable. Stop leaving message after message. Kinda pathetic Marty.


The guy is doomed to failure when they start getting hype all the time. I am sick of hearing about him allready and haven't even seen him play on the field against a "real" team.

Besides Beason and the players like the coach cause they say they are no longer one dimensional and the guy is all business.

Real Panther

What really not understandable is if Mark and toxic waste are sick and tired of hearing about Cam then why did you read this article and then comment about it?


maybe Jimmy Clausen can play CB?

Jim E

To ms axlerod: Sounds like you are the real redneck with a posting like that.

John Morgan

I wanna say 14-2, but I'm having a hard time picking the 2.


Austin Garabato

haven't seen a panther articles today. come on man!


The New Black Panther Party is not relevant and hasn't been since the death of Dr. Khalid Muhammad. Their demsie will be joined by the tea party once another white president get's into office. The tea party was birthed out of the sentiment of white folks who grew discouraged with the stupidity and poor productivity of the republican party and hate having a black democratic president. If Hillary Clinton had won no one would even be talking about a tea party.


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