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alan johnson

Cam is NOT ready!!!

alan johnson

Well, Tom Sorenson got his wish. For the last two weeks, He's been saying "start Cam, start Cam, Cams the man!!" Well, Cam sucks about as much as Tom's opinion. But maybe he has a point. Keep starting Cam, and maybe he'll lead the Panthers to another number one pick, and we can choose Andrew Luck!!

Panther Fan

Another Cam hater! Please tell how he sucked??? I hate dumb post!!

Michael Procton

* Because he's completed less than half of his passes through a game worth of PT and throws.
* Because he can't hit a receiver in the numbers to save his life.
* Because his mechanics and technique is approximately equivalent to your average high school quarterback.


Dalton or Green is an extremely tough quoeitsn to answer, and I won't attempt to answer it. However (going slightly off topic), the thing I think is interesting when considering the future is that it's way easier to guage a WR's talent as a rookie than it is a QB's. Is there any doubt that Green will always be an impact player? Dalton, on the other hand, stands to benefit much more from having a good team around him, so I think, reasonably, the jury has to stay out on him for another season. Don't get me wrong the kid has certainly impressed me, and I truly hope he continues to improve. But Mark Sanchez was thought of pretty highly during his rookie season, and listen to what people are saying about him now. Football is a team game; the players depend on each other, and that makes individual recognition an argumentative subject.


I appreciate you takilng about your facial hair growth. My facial hair began to grow out like a man my first day of college back in 1998, so I have been living with this for 13yrs and I really hate it. It wasn't until this year that I let my boyfriend know I shave my face, even though I'm sure he knew from the marks I left behind. Also, I had laser surgery but´╗┐ not all 10 treatments because it cost 250 dollars a session, it made the hair grow slower but it didn't stop it, but again thank you


Your simply amzanig!! im 22 now and was diagnosed with pcos at age 15 ..to hear someone else go through what i do on a daily basis helps me feel like im not alone i have extra hair as well and frankly just hearing that you are married leaves hope in my heart i struggle with dating bc of im always so scared´╗┐ guys will not want to date me if they feel stubble on my chin or what if i forget to shave thank you for making me feel normal for a little while


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hawaiiankillahulua@pyroneph lol i lost the tip of my pinkie to a kala down to the first joint the first fish he seerapd..also the coral is very sharp also if it is lobster season it is allways good to have gloves on also its gives a better grip when loading your spear.

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