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I have begun to notice the little digs at Cam Newton by the CO's staff. Damn, already! To clarify a dig is no statement of any positive accomplishment without the inclusion of some type of negative about the subject somewheres in the mist of the statement.

Jason Warren

Or it could be emphasizing Edwards great catch there genius
. If anything the Observer has said mostly great things about Newton


Tom's fair. Not always insightful. But he's fair...


Moboythunder, are you serious? Digs at Cam by the CO staff? They spend "almost" as much time at the altar of Cam as they do at the altar of Obama. No, I"d say they are pretty much in - hook, line and sinker with Cam. I think if you'd read all the previous posts by the staff, you'd understand they FULLY support Cam and no one else.


What, no Jordan Gross questions? I think the staff is quietly concerned about that position. The Otah situation deflects those concerns. Gross struggled last year and again Saturday night. Could it be that Cam brought his own personal body guard from Auburn(in tackle) Lee Ziemba. Is he the eventual Gross replacement?


qdog, you think a 7th round pick is going to outplay jordan gross for a starting job? what panther player didnt struggle last year?


Hard work pays off for Armanti.
Lets hope he can keep progressing along with other young players.


Darth Trader

Nice Catch. Too Bad it doesn't count for anything! It was just a scrimmage. Everyone gets SOOOO excited about scrimmages and practices.
Show it to me in a real game.

Until then, Armanti is nothing more than The Mascot!


"They spend "almost" as much time at the altar of Cam as they do at the altar of Obama."
Of course they're going to devote a lot of time covering the #1 pick in the draft. Just about every article I see says something about his inaccuracy. I suppose you chose to ignore those statements. And what does Obama have to do with any of this? Sounds like all of this really eats your insides......(good)


Barf trader, you are an idiot. you just wish you had the championship credentials Armanti has! Not counting the talent.



I really don't feel they are taking "digs" at Cam Newton. I think the reason why the include his negative play with his positive ones is because the Observer doesn't want to over-hype him by only writing about his great plays.

Plus they are just telling it like it is, Newtons a great player, but he's not perfect.


Hey, big Dumbass Cat, are you simply a redneck homer? Armanti has done what in the NFL? Oh, he has been on the sidelines and you have cheered for him. Do you know what that makes Armanti?


Unless he does something in a real game STFU! No one cares about what he did against Michigan, or when he was in college, or when he was in diapers!

Armanti had 1, I mean 1 nice exhibition game, which is used for the coaches to evaluate talent. For you to get all giddy over something so meaningless is beyond me. You act like a parent who just saw his child take his first steps.

Grow up you App State reject!


Aren't pro wide receivers SUPPOSED to make difficult catches? Well, with Newton's horrid accuracy, I suppose we'll get the chance to find out.


Skeptvet and Rita many thanks. Your moral sprpout is very much appreciated. I'm well aware of what I'm letting myself in for here: horse management in the UK has become so infused with CAM that most owners seem to believe quite seriously that it is now part of the mainstream and not open to question. There are also huge numbers of people making money either as therapists or as teachers of therapists. I learned from a less-public discussion with some of these people that criticism and public education (i.e. the possibility of reducing the number of potential clients) are really not welcome. Even so I think it is worth trying to do what I can for all of the reasons I've mentioned in my articles, although I have been feeling rather like a lone person waving the banner of scepticism in the face of an advancing army of Believers. Knowing that even a few people are on my side makes all the difference.

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