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this is making the unc situation look like small potatoes. even ohio state dosnt seem anywhere near this magnitude. Cash prostitues and god knows what else


Nevin is a scummy little sawed off schmuck if ever there was one.


This in reference not only to the entire Hurricane's investigation, but specifically in reference to the allegations against Jon Beason.

First and foremost, Nevin Shapiro is a hustler, a con artist, a punk.

Everytime a kid sneezes in college, somebody is always right there humping their leg and offering them "freebies". Then, that same person, their "newly made friend", is suddenly all over the news telling about what payouts they gave to the kid while he was in college.

It's embarassing to me. I worked six years as a correctional officer inside a NC State Prison after getting out of the Army years ago, and I saw the SAME CRAP all the time there. Here's how it works:

New inmate arrives. Hustler inmate welcomes them, then starts offering "goodies" or "services", all in the name of friendship. But, when payback time comes around, there are always HUGE dividends expected to be repaid by the other person or get a beat-down. Disgusting. What this piece of human garbage is doing is NO different in my book.

All they see is DOLLAR SIGNS, Fortune and Fame. In my opinion, it's no more than EXTORTION and that person should be arrested.

I wonder how many times Shapiro, supposedly Beason's friend, has called him wanting "payback" of some type, or telling him, "Oh well, then, Guess I'll just have to tell the media about all those gifts I bought you when you were in college". It's EXTORTION any way you look at it.


bigger question is.....why would any grown adult invest money with a guy like nevin shapiro. who gave him all the money to spend in the first place. that's the BIGGER problem here.

in this story.....who really gives an eff about college football and prostitutes when THIS GUY is able to talk people into investing their money in fraudulent ways. it's these guys that have our economy and lending regulations backwards. how is it not obvious when bumbling idiots like this have insane amounts of money and didn't inherit it? how is that not red flagged IMMEDIATELY. after 100k. after 1 million. after 10 million. how the eff does it get to a billion? how does it get to the point where he has so much fraudulent cash that he gives it to the university because eff it....he has no other use for the money. he sure isn't going to invest the money.....he doesn't know how to.

oh did i mention he claims to be an investment expert? again, how is this not red flagged?


Why do college athletes get hung up on hanging around (millionaire) adults?


I just wanna say that I am grateful to my Lord JESUS CHRIST for ginivg me the opportunity to see my most favorite singer & worship leader in the world last night in Durham, NC. God has done so many awesome things in my life (like recently healing me from thyroid cancer) but this was like icing on the cake. I had the opportunity to stand @ the stage and even receive the World Vision paper from you. WOW! The HOLY SPIRIT in you is AWESOME. I thank God for using you and your gift to spread HIS WORD. Keep @ it and never stop Man of God. Also everyone @ Born2Win Ministries thinks you're the greatest. We've gone deeper & to another level with the help of your music & your annointing. By the way, congratulations to you and your beautiful wife on another anniversary. God bless you both with many more.


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