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It's college sports, therefore it's a business and financial move in threatening legal action. Good bad or indifferent, it happens in the business world.


Tom - I expect more from you... With Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State likely heading to the Pac 12 (will be 16) and Texas AM going to the SEC - Baylor is going to get hosed... Kansas, Kansas State, Iowa State and Mizz will all join the Big Ten - again leaving only Baylor lost in the defunct Big 12. So what Baylor is really doing is trying to get into the SEC - which makes a lot of sense to me. I could see Texas AM, Baylor, NC State and VaTech all joining the SEC. Four decent teams in the major sports and SEC expands into Texas, NC and VA.


So - that puts the PAC 12, SEC and Big 10 all with 16 teams. Now the ACC will raid the Big East to get back to 12 teams with likley targets being South Florida, West Virginia and perhaps Pitt. If the ACC decides to grow to 16 teams then add Lousiville, UCON and Syracuse to the mix. Cinn and Rutgers - along with App State and Boise State will then join Conference USA to form a new BCS conference.


Tom - I've always respected your opinion, but you're off on this one. Baylor has stated they have no plans to sue, they simply won't sign the waiver. At least five other schools from the conference have been reported to take the same stand. It's simply one group finally standing up to slow down the super-conference movement that most writers and fans say they don't want anyway.


Well let's see, Tom. Did Baylor and that girl have a contractual business relationship? Did that girl choose to break off that deal to the detriment of not only Baylor, but their whole family (Big 12) and neighborhood (Texas?)


i don't think you understand Texas is raenkd #2 in the nation even though TT beat them, TT is raenkd #7 so how will they play for the big 12 Champion if Texas beats Texas AM this week. One thing i would like to point out is, that it is possible for a 4 way tie in the big 12 south! if Texas loses to Texas AM and TT loses to baylor and OU loses to OSU you will have a 4 way tie with Texas, TT, OU, and OSU all havin 2 losses each, try and figure that problem out because if that happens how will the BCS figure out who is #1 than in the Big 12 south??????


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r u sure which is correct?

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