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What was the question you asked Cam about Schmitty?


is it sunday yet? hope to see you out there Beas.


Thats the best reason for starting a DT?? Because he looks like the head coach??? Oh boy, we're in trouble.

Pat Daddy

The pain train is coming and Beason is driving!!!! GO PANTHERS!!!!!


Panthers.com com is reporting that the team today waived safety Stevie Brown and, apparently, re-signed Sean Considine.



Why is that you guys always talk about how Beason and Davis will play around each other? What happened to Anderson? Is he not a part of the Panthers Linebacking group? Don't keep overlooking him, he has a lot of value to this team!!!!!


This makes the team so much better. Beason and Cam going at it, playing a chess match in practice will only make this team even better. GO PANTHERS!!!


heya1a1a1a1a1a1a1a1a1a1a1 excelente tu video como sipemre sales guapisima cuando vienes por latinoamerica?? .muchos amigos se volvieron fans tuyos cuando les comente de ti yo te sigo desde whoa deseamos mucho que pronto te presentes por aqui en argentina o en ecuador lugares a los que yo podre llegar facilmente


I moved away from Charlotte to atlanta 4 years ago. When i got to Atlanta, i reilazed how crappy Charlotte is! A year before i moved i was bored out of my mind being there. When i go back to visit friends and family, there is nothing to do. The skyline is what- like 2 or 3 buildings? I dont know why Charlotte cant just embrace its small town-ness, instead of trying so hard to be a world class city like Atlanta. My brother who lives in charlotte sent this article to me thinking i would get a laugh out of it. He is also counting down the days til he can leave the 2nd queen city (cincinatti is actually the queen city)


Whatsup Man of God! I've been listening to your music from day 1. Often I pop in one of your CDs or DVDs (Deeper, Power of One, Another Level, Real, Israel and New Breed) to aid me in blckoing out events or situations to lock in on God. Your songs have that impact that can at one moment lead a person into a serious praise time to real worship. One day we will meet face to face and I will tell you then what I'm saying now, which is I hear God in your music . To some that may seem like a simple statement, but it's much more than that to me. I'm blessed by other Christian music as well, but God speaks to me through your music. I first had the opportunity to see you and New Breed in Charleston at the World Overcomers Ministry. WoW! I've never been in a setting so awesome where so many people let go of all concern to worship God with such passion. Last year I saw you in Georgia at a Joyce Meyers Conference. It would have been great to experience a full concert. I'm from DC and planning to be there during your concert at Ft. Washington, MD at the National Church of God. Looking forward to the experience!!!

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