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Fatty McButterpants

Not even remotely ticked. Great effort boys against the champs, keep the intensity every week and it will pay off. Cam Newton-keep proving the haters wrong.


very good game, the defense looked a lot better this week. Way more entertaining than last year


I am very happy Newton had his great performance but that doesn't take the fact that he threw 3 interceptions and Panthers once again lost behind Newton's massive performance. Rivera needs to re-evaluate his game plan. There needs to be more of a running game. I understand that they keep stacking the box and daring Newton to win the game by himself. Teams now will let him throw for as much yardage as he wants. Plus what it is with that lousy goal line play calling. I know Fox's offense would have never gotten us there majority of the time but when they did, Fox would have punched it in with Hoover leading the way. Where is our fullback? Just disappointing. Guess that's why San Diego never gets to the big game. Nice numbers but no hardware. Bringing that philosophy to this team and that's not going to work.


GB gave the South Carolina QB the final TD as a free gift. Woodson hell on wheels as usual. 3 picks. Coulda been 4-5 easy

Pack played halfass and still won handily.


John Geiger

Pack is nowhere near as good as people seem to think and they proved it today. SB champs playing last years worst team in the league with a rookie coach and QB and barely coming away with a win. They lucked out. Guaranteed they don't repeat. Bet money on it.

joe cool

panthers beat themselves! Need to work on redzone offense and this team would be 2-0! The future of the NFC! Bucs, Lions, Panthers! Get used to it!


Packman, your team better pick it up and put away the teams early that they should put away. I bet you even broke a sweat in that first quarter. And your team got smoked early by a first-year quarterback in only his fifth quarter! Carolina has a promising future, and you know it.


Top ranked Green Bay playing the worst team in the NFL took the CP for granted and not seriously until the 2nd half.
It could have a lot worse but it was a controlled outcome. Had the Packers hit the ground running itwould have been a washout.
They laid back and took charge when they had too.
Rodgers is by far the most talented intelligent QB in the league.


I'm already tired of hearing "moral victory" and "we move the ball better than last year". Let's count the HOF coaches who got there based solely on moral victories. Didn't take lonf to count them, did it?


I'm tired of all the griping and moaning from a few "fans". You expect a HOF coaching performance from Rivera after the fiasco last year? Give the man a chance. At least we can "move the ball better than last year" and aren't as pitiful to watch. Why don't all the naysayers go jump on someone else's bandwagon? Take them your negative attitudes.


Yeah, William, you're RIGHT! We should be PROUD of our team's 0-2 start. At this rate, they're on pace to lose 16 really close games! It's so EXCITING!


Okay...maybe fourteen...I'm not that positive. Okay?

2011 Panthers<1976 Tampa Bay Buccaneers



Remember Rivera is a first year coach and he will also get better as our QB. I am in China and proud of our PANTHERS!

Before the season started there was a lot of talk about our corners specially Gamble and Captain, I don't see any articles about them so I am assuming they are playing good. Please post something about them.

Wish I was in the Queen City being able to go see the games, I hope my kids appreciated the games as much as I would.



UNC Grad, you certainly have a point. You could just as easily pointed to the football scandal that occurred at your own school...UNC. Where's Butch Davis now by the way?

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