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Huh? No way in h- this happens. Texas to the PAC12 along with OU, Okla State maybe-the potential payoff is much larger.

And no, Mack Brown's recent teams will not beat FSU.


tea sippers stink.



If the ACC lets Texas keep the LHN, it wouldn't surprise me at all to see UT in the ACC.

Pac-12 won't let Texas keep the LHN as is. I don't know how big the changes are that they want but UT doesn't want to change it at all.

Big 10 wouldn't let Texas keep the LHN in any way, shape or form b/c of the Big 10 Network.

I doubt the SEC would allow UT to keep the LHN considering A&M is only going to the SEC to get away from it.

Only options left are the ACC and doing independent.


The LHN is resulting in the breakup of the Big 12. So why would the ACC allow Texas to keep it if they came to the ACC? That makes no sense.


Oklahoma is trying to strong arm Texas into going to the PAC 12 with them. All this bravado talk by Oklahoma saying they will go to the PAC 12 without Texas is meant to entice Texas to go with them. Texas has responded by using the ACC as leverage to keep BIG 12 together. Oklahoma will NOT get invite to PAC 12 without Texas. PAC 12 presidents are not keen on bringing in Oklahoma and OSU alone.

Now that Texas to ACC has been brought up, ESPN is reporting Oklahoma officials are suddenly interested in possibly keeping BIG 12 together. Again, without Texas, its PAC 12 invite is dead.

My guess is Texas and Oklahoma remain in BIG 12 for a few more years.

For all the bravado talk out of Oklahoma, Texas is driving the bus.


PAC12 would be the only other potential landing spot for Texas, but less attractive because revenues from the LHN would need to be shared amongst other member schools. It would dilute the value of the LHN for Texas, but provide a better geographic conference than the ACC, while still providing a good financial incentive, despite dilution of the LHN.

If Texas wants to keep the LHN completely intact, the only major conference they may be able to get away with doing that in is the ACC. Also the academic standards of member schools in the ACC most closely align to those of Texas.

Mack Brown

Texas to ACC rumors all have to do with LHN. ACC has a huge contract with ESPN, which owns LHN and would let them keep their network. I imagine if the BIg12 did break apart, Texas would go independent.

Texas Pete

Just do it and let's move on. Tired of the rumors. Set up a royal rumble and get it on.


Awful. There is NOTHING about Texas that says they should be a part of the ATLANTIC Coast Conference. The conference has been nothing but watered down since the last expansion. Why continue down that foolish road?

dead waterboy

Texas is on the Atlantic Ocean coast?

alan johnson

I don't want the traitor mack brown anywhere near the acc!! Afterall the talk aboutshowing loyalty to our team,and building the tar heels up to a contender for the Nat. Championship,he had to go to texas, and the big money. SCREW HIM


Texas wants the Notre Dame deal. Have the protection of a conference affiliation, while maintaining its own TV network. This is a deal killer for p-12.


The key here is Texas' desire to have their own television network. That is why the ACC is in the running here. This is the critical issue for Texas. They have taken years to set up this Longhorn Television Network. They are not going to give it up lightly. Apparently the PAC-12 doesn't allow what Texas is doing. A bigger concern to me is FSU looking to go to the SEC.


I hope they dont bring them to the ACC.Isaw today where PITT and SYRACUSE applied to join.Go and get UCONN and WEST VIRGINIA and can you imagine basketball season?Do it swofford.


Bring back the Southwest Conference! It was a great conference until the NCAA decided to break it up.


TERRIBLE idea Tom.


If Oklahoma were to lose, Texas Tech wins the Big 12 south because they have the head to head avatndage. And if they win the Big 12, Texas fans who are pointing to their win over OU as clear proof that they deserve to be ahead of Oklahoma in the rankings will get really quiet all of a sudden. I don't see how anyone could justify taking Texas over Texas Tech for the NC game if Texas Tech wins the conference AND beat Texas head to head. The logic that Texas fans seem to be employing is that Tech should be have no shot at the NC based on how bad OU beat them, but OU should not get any credit for how bad they beat Tech.


At some point the discussion is going to have to indulce bringing up some of the lesser lights of college sports as potential targets for the big boys expansion. If the Big XII wants to survive as a major player with 12 teams and a conference championship game they are going to have to look at schools to expand their TV market. Face it. SMU, TCU, Houston and Tulsa conribute nothing. All would be financial drains on the conference and money comes first and second and third. Texas and Oklahoma, primarily Texas, would have to give up its philosophy of big dog eats first and all he wants and agree to equal revenue sharing from TV and bowl contracts. The potential candidates are hardly great or ones that any other major conference would be tripping over themselves to recruit. Possibilities would be Colorado State, one of the Louisiana schools not named LSU, So.Mississippi, Memphis, Louisville and Cincinnati. I'm sure there are others but I think they are going to have to look east and at schools from lower ranked conferences.


Texas stays put. It has everything it wants. Until Oklahoma dedcies its marriage with Texas is no longer working, the rest of the Big 12 will sit back and simply hail to Bevo, Thank you sir, may I have another, please? If Oklahoma dedcies it is better off in the SEC or more likely the PAC 12, the Big 12 (-3) will try to add a team. I don't see them adding 3 it divides up the pot by too many ways, and I can't see any school adding any more $ to the pot than A &M did. BYU may actually bite on this, but if I were them, I'd be studying the effect Texas has on conference stability and think twice about it. It will likely be U of Houston. When Oklahoma makes their move, it will be open season on the rest of the league the PAC 12 will move first and add 4, the SEC may grab one, but I doubt it, and the B1G will launch another study. This will be interesting, but we have a long time yet to enjoy how this lays itself out. Isn't this fun!


Oh to be a fly on the wall at Mizzou's AD office .With the Big 10 s ancnnunemeot earlier this summer that there will not..I repeat..will NOT be any further expansion for the forseeable future, one can only imagine what Deaton must be thinking. Of the schools mentioned above for possible invitation to the SEC, Mizzou is clearly the only viable candidate. They are the only school of the batch that would bring with them a substantial fan base, which of course translates into dollar signs Which is really what this little drama is all about..The question then becomes what is to happen to the remainder of the B12 Northern Division..? Kansas, IA St. & K-State? I think not I feel for schools like OU..They are going to be trapped in a go nowhere conference with no way out They deserve better..In point of fact..All of them do I can't help but wonder if Mr. Bebe thinks destroying the Big 12 it was worth it I can't help but wonder where the hell the NCAA governing board is..? GO BIG RED


The writing on the wall is just about to come to fritiuton in what was the Big 12. The Big 12 was doomed the day Texas decided it wanted to shake things up and maybe go independent(truthfully, it was way before that of course). Colorado and Nebraska did the absolute right thing and bolted the Beebe-Beevo 12. I am almost certain that it would never happen(OU to the B1G) but could you imagine OU and NU with Michigan, M. St. on one side, with Ohio St., Wisconsin, Notre Dame, Penn St. on the other side? Since we will never have the Glory Days of the late great Big Eight, why not dream big and if these so called Super Conferences are going to happen any way, why not go for the gusto and get two of the biggest dogs left out there, Oklahoma and Notre Dame? enough with that, it's almost Kick Off time .. GO BIG RED!!!!!!!! bring the title on home boys


OU all the way Oklahoma has home field advantage and has alot more tnalet then texas tech all texas tech has is Harrell Crabtree Morris and Lewis thats it OU had Bradford Murray Iglesius Gresham Johnson Brown jus practically every1 and on the opposite side they have nick harris dominque franks austin box travis lewis come on alot more tnalet then tech the only thing that will kill OU is there special teams but they have 2 weeks to fix that and there defense .. OU 66 Tech 48


it is still going to be a shoot out to win expect some high scoinrg if OU is smart though they will run the ball more then they have all year long against TTech because you wanna keep that ball out of the hands of TTech's offenseWith all that being said I'll take Oklahoma 56 Texas 45

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