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joe cool

only one problem with pittsburgh fans! bandwagon jumpers who were born and raised in the carolinas.

joe cool

what become of all the 49er fans in the carolinas! they were all over the place when they were winning!


Saw a guy wearing a Panthers jersey at Kennywood Park in Pittsburgh last week, that was an odd sight indeed.

Prag Matist

A lot of the old traditional NFL teams have fans around here (mostly the 'skins) from pre-1995. Plus there are lots of so-called fans that are fans of whichever teams are winning. They just jump on bandwagons. They just want some of that winning image to rub off on themselves.


Great point about the 49ers. Sad to say with most "fans" today it's the flavor of the week/who's winning. I'll stay loyal to my home team Panthers. BTW if the Chiefs had six superbowl wins half the people in Charlotte would be wearing red jerseys claiming some type of connection with Kansas City.

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